From Sandra Capra, Chair of Board of Directors, ICDA
  • Calling all Dietitian-Nutritionists across the world. Yes – exciting news that the ICDA is adopting the title Dietitian-Nutritionist to be more inclusive and to better represent the work that we do in the many countries where you are. 
    It’s now only ONE year to the 17th ICD in Granada, Spain.  I hope your plans to attend are well under way.  The program looks terrific and the city is really lovely.  The Board had our latest face-to-face meeting there in September and visited the venue, and tried the lunches that will be served. So we are really looking forward to seeing you there.
    The annual meeting was held on September 18th.  This year the annual meeting was held in conjunction with a Board meeting and the Directors were all present in Spain.  Unfortunately we experienced technological problems where we were not connected into the call, and it did take some time to resolve this.  To those members waiting we extend our apologies. 
    Here is a section of my annual report outlining some of our achievements this year:

    1. Revising and refreshing the mission statement, the definition of a dietitian and the standard of education, incorporating a competency framework.  We have also adopted dietitian-nutritionist as the title to be more inclusive of those parts of the world where the same preparation, role and tasks are referred to as nutritionist rather than dietitian.
    2. Speaking and advocating for international dietetics and the profession generally at every opportunity, including presentations on behalf of ICDA at both national and international congresses. 
    3. Developing and clarifying policy documents to improve governance.  
    4. Increasing our capacity through strategies such as appointing individuals to assist the Board in our work, champions.  
    5. Developing a MOU with the government of China to develop and deliver part of a Nutrition and Health Industry Conference  
    6. Using international theme days to promote the activities of dietitian-nutritionists, such as World Water Day in March and World Food Day on October 16th.  
    7. Holding discussions with both the European Federation and the International Union of Nutrition Scientists to strengthening global communication and cooperation.  
    8. Adopting the Nutrition Care Process as the basis for the model of care. Increasing membership with three new associations joining ICDA, with additional expressions of interest from a further four associations.  Since we changed our by-law to permit up to two members per country we now have two members in each of Sweden, Spain and Taiwan.  
    9. Producing background papers on autonomy, inter-professional practice, for presentation on the website and discussion at the ICD next year.  
    10. On behalf of the Board we wish you all the best for the upcoming festive seasons and New Year wherever you are, and hope that 2016 brings prosperity and peace to you all.

    Sandra Capra
    Chair, Board of Directors, ICDA