World Food Day 16th October
  • Promote the role of the dietitian.
    Dietitians/Nutritionists have a significant role to play in food sustainability and the preservation of the planet.
    To help ICDA members highlight this, and to raise the profile of the dietitian/nutritionist generally, the ICDA Board decided to support two United Nations campaigns – World Water and World Food days. For the first time resources - factual, referenced statements for use as slides, posters and Twitter messages, were created for use by ICDA members on World Water Day 22nd March and many dietitians supported the day by posting messages on Twitter. More resources will be created for use in October and existing ones can continue to be used.
    The Board would encourage all dietetic associations and dietitians to use these opportunities for promotion of the profession. In countries where there is no dedicated dietitian/nutritionist day, week or month, World Food Day would be a good time to start. Where days already exist, inclusion of the sustainability theme adds another dimension to the role of the dietitian. Sustainable eating is also the theme of the next International Congress of Dietetics in Granada, Spain, 2016.
    ICDA Board of Directors