From Sandra Capra, Chair of the ICDA Board of Directors
  • Hello to all nutrition and dietetics professionals worldwide! 
    Only 15 months to go to the next Congress – our 17th in Granada!  The open call for papers is out and I encourage all of you to put forward your work, and to start your plans for attending now.  If you are a national representative you need to plan for an extra two days ahead of the congress as we will be starting our member meeting in the afternoon of Monday September 5th, 2016. 
    I hope you were able to participate in World Water Day to at least some level, and had the opportunity to use our twitter messages and the excellent slides prepared for us by our Spanish colleagues.  If you were able to do something, please let us know via our discussion board.  Our next international event will be around pulses as this is the year of the pulse.  We will be providing some materials about pulses for use on World Food Day, prepared by our Indian colleagues – so look out for them too in the near future.
    Our work on the international competency standards is progressing well, and you will soon get an opportunity to comment on our work to date – so don’t forget to look out for this.  This will be a great step forward for our profession worldwide. 
    From now until the Congress is the busiest for the Directors in our four year cycle.  And it will be busiest for you too.  You can expect to hear more from us as we circulate documents for discussion and get feedback, prior to the congress.  We always welcome new members and if you know of the profession developing in a country which is not a member, do alert them to the ICDA and how we can support and help.  Together we are stronger than each of us separately.
    As I commented before, we are aware that the economic downturn is taking a toll on the profession in some areas.  This is very disturbing as we are the profession that makes real differences to peoples’ lives and long term health.  We must all lobby and do whatever we can in whatever forum presents itself to constantly remind decision makers at all levels that nutrition is not “innate”, that the interpretation of the science to action is paramount to health and that the profession is key to this.
    Best wishes to you all.
    Sandra Capra
    Chair, Board of Directors, ICDA