World Water Day 22 March
  • ICDA supports World Water Day and the fundamental role water plays in health and wellbeing. National Dietetic Associations and individual members are encouraged to use the opportunity to showcase the role they play in the sustainability of water and food.
    Development of position statements has been in the ICDA Strategic Plan for some while. As an initial step the Board has decided to use United Nations (UN) theme days to promote dietitians and ICDA. The topics can however be used throughout the year and incorporated into existing Dietitian Days and other promotional events.
    Water is fundamental to life and access to safe water a basic human right. One in five people in the developing world lacks access to sufficient clean water (a suggested minimum of 20 litres/day), while average water use in Europe and the United States of America ranges between 200 and 600 litres/day (United Nations Development Programme 2006).
    The ICDA Board has selected a number of facts from the UN and the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) to highlight issues related to availability of water and has produced a set of slides for use by members. These are available on the ICDA website and will be developed further for World Food Day on 16th October and the International Year of Pulses 2016.
    Going to sustainable eating is the theme of the International Congress of Dietetics 2016. This will be your chance to discuss with colleagues from around the world what sustainability means to you.