USA’s Free International Directory for Dietetic Professionals and Students
  • 1.     Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation’s Directory of Resources for International Food, Nutrition and Dietetics Professionals
    This free 100-page directory is designed for use by practitioners, graduates with baccalaureate (higher education) or graduate degrees in nutrition (biomedical), food, dietetics, public health, agriculture, foodservice management, food science, food science technology and related areas. Individuals pursuing a professional degree, or professionals who are seeking continuing education, training or work experience nationally or internationally will find this directory helpful. Contact information and general guidelines for numerous organizations that offer financial assistance for studies in the United States and other countries are provided. For questions or to add a listing to the directory, please contact Beth Labrador at  The directory is available at:
    2.     International Directory of Nutrition, Dietetics, Foodservice Management and Health Sciences Collaborations
    This free comprehensive global directory identifies nutrition, dietetics, foodservice management and health sciences collaborations. This project seeks to document international collaborative relationships existing within U.S. colleges, universities and other organizations. As this directory is currently in the process of being updated, please contact Beth Labrador at: for more information or to share known collaborations.