Dietitians Association of Australia: new advertising campaign ‘fuels fabulous’!
  • In late 2014 the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) launched an innovative new advertising campaign encouraging Australians to seek advice and support from an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) to ‘Fuel Fabulous’.
    Advertising to consumers and health professionals has formed a key part of DAA’s marketing strategy over many years. However, in developing Fuel Fabulous, DAA took a new tack. On behalf of the profession, the Association wanted to make a more emotional connection with the Australian public, not just a rational one – so that APDs were top of mind as the solution to better eating and a healthier lifestyle.
    DAA’s last membership survey revealed the majority of DAA members support investment in this area (marketing APDs). However, as an Association with more than 5,800 members working in diverse areas with differing priorities, developing a new advertising campaign that best meets the needs of members can be challenging! Here’s our story:
    A new take on an old call to action
    DAA wanted the new ads to communicate a simple, powerful and emotive (rather than clinical) message. Using the tag line ‘Fuel fabulous with tailored nutrition advice from an Accredited Practising Dietitian’, DAA sought to position the dietetics profession head-to-head with our competitors, who are increasingly in the wellness and alternative health spaces.
    That is, Fuel Fabulous aimed to reach the sector of the market that aspires to good health, and DAA wanted to promote awareness of the APD credential in this preventative space.
    DAA also wanted the new ad to be designed in such a way that it could be easily adapted or built upon, in a cost-effective way, to appeal to a broad range of audiences within the population. As a result, the simple and uplifting ‘Fuel Fabulous’ message needed to be able to underpin different ad ‘executions’ over time. For example, changing the tag line to ‘Fuelling recovery’ to suit the healthcare setting.
    Time + hard work + creativity = the end product
    The end product was the culmination of a lot of hard work over a period of time.
    The DAA Board and the Association’s Marketing Advisory Committee (MAC) assisted DAA’s Communications and Marketing team in the development of the new ads. MAC contributed to a comprehensive document that was used to brief the advertising agency that developed the ad.
    The Board and MAC voted ‘Fuel Fabulous’ as the clear winner from a shortlist of possible ads. And importantly, the Fuel Fabulous ads were tested on consumers, who liked them too.
    Establishing advertising campaigns can be costly, but DAA was able to negotiate a significantly reduced fee for the work. In addition, the images that will form part of the campaign over time are stock images that are inexpensive to obtain – unlike many images used in advertising.
    Another (planned) bonus with the end product is that ‘Fuel Fabulous’ can be applied easily to social media and digital campaigns, giving the campaign messages better reach and allowing DAA members to take part in distributing the ad to their audiences. The use of stock images provides that scope.
    Launching the ads in Australia
    Developing new ads is a big deal for a not-for-profit, member-based organisation like DAA!  The new ad was launched to DAA members and the public in a ‘crowd source’ style campaign, run as a competition. They were asked via social media to share images of what makes them ‘Fuel Fabulous’. These were showcased on the Association’s Pinterest page.
    DAA worked with publishing houses to secure cost-effective deals for placement of the new ads in a broad range of their publications.  The Association is also promoting the ads through social media and digital campaigns. In this way, people are able to link directly to the DAA website, including to the Find an APD’ tab, from the ad. This is a new technique that previous DAA advertising campaigns have not incorporated.  The new ad has also been made available to DAA members electronically and in an A3 poster, available for order.
    Evaluating success
    DAA will measure the effectiveness of ‘Fuel Fabulous’ through a Newspoll survey in late 2015. Each year DAA commissions consumer research to evaluate the Association’s marketing and communication programs. This includes measures of the proportion of people who report having seen or heard any advertising about dietitians, and also public awareness of the APD credential.
    DAA will also directly measure how many people click through to the ‘Find an APD’ section of the DAA website, as a result of engaging with the ads through social media and the digital aspects of the campaign. 
    Dr Sara Grafenauer APD
    Communications and Marketing Manager
    Dietitians Association of Australia