News from Argentina
  • During 2014, AADYND (Asociación Argentina de Dietistas y Nutricionistas Dietistas, meaning Argentinean Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists Dietitians) has been very active. It started in April with a series of events, organizing “AADYND Entrepreneurship” where the association´s journal DIAETA was presented in its digital form, the new website was launched, the 2014 Scientific Committee Calendar was presented and dietitian Viviana Wons exhibited her book “Consejos Prácticos para una Alimentación Saludable” , which was reviewed by AADYND and printed with the collaboration of a food industry sponsor.
    The celebration of Nutritionist Day was held on August 11th with the traditional AADYND dinner with the presence of 200 colleagues, and where 15 of them were granted the 50 year trajectory award. Eighteen pharma and food companies were present in the celebration with prizes that were raffled between the attendants.  A very emotive and special night for the AADYND family!
    The XXI Encuentro Anual de Nutricionistas (Annual Meeting of Nutritionists) was held on August 13th, 2014, with the attendance of 170 colleagues (professionals and students), and presentation of their original nutrition research. On August 13th and 14th, the V Jornadas de Nutrición de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (Conference of Nutrition of the City of Buenos Aires), was declared an event of national interest from the National Department of Health, with a record attendance of 350 colleagues.  The dietitians were mainly from Argentina, but dietitians from Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil and Spain were also present.
    AADYND has participated in the revision of both the Argentinean Dietary Guidelines and the IRAM policies about nutrition protocols in special situations.  The first AADYND scholarship “Dr. Elena Musmano” was granted to a project in public nutrition health and the award AADYND-CEPEA-DANONE was given to a project in hydration in older adults.
    Last October, AADYND participated in the organization of the Conference of Celiac Disease and in the Obesity Conference. Also, AADYND has had a very active role in continuing professional education, with 15 onsite and online courses with a total of 650 participants.
    AADYND was present in several national and international events: YINI (Yogurt in Nutrition) in San Diego (USA), Child Hydration Workshop, International Food Day with the Government of Buenos Aires, presentation of the recipes developed by AADYND “Delicias con Yogur” in the Congress of the Argentinean Society of Nutrition, meeting with FAGRAN (Argentinean Federation of Graduates in Nutrition) for the development of Nutrition Recommendations for Older Adults, Summit of foods, labeling and recipes for low sodium Sal Marina Liquida (liquid sea salt), press meeting about “Healthy Snacking”, CONBRAN in Vitoria, Brazil.
    AADYND was present in several graphic media, TV and radio through its Press Committee. AADYND supported the campaign “The first 1000 days of life”, numerous scientific meetings and continuing education courses. AADYND ended the year 2014 with a toast to its sponsors from the industry (in November) and with colleagues and Board of Directors (in December).  

    AADYND Board of Directors, Celebration of Nutritionist Day V Conference of Nutrition of the City of Buenos Aires