Continuous Education Opportunities: A Key Priority for Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association
  • Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association (SNDA) – a professional organization of nutritionists and dietitians, is committed not just to improve the health and nutritional status of the public it serves but to also empower its members to develop continuously in the profession.
    Over the years, the SNDA has been active in organizing continuing education for the professional enrichment of its members besides improving and updating the practical and theoretical knowledge of dietitians and nutritionists. SNDA opens various platforms for knowledge enrichment to all its members.  This includes nutrition talks, subject matter experts’ visits, and seminars and conferences.  The members are encouraged to voluntarily attend any of these programs to maintain their competence in their respective professional field.
    Beyond these platforms, SNDA also expands members’ benefits by offering sponsorship grants for any relevant conferences/workshops held overseas.  This has been made possible by allotting a portion of the organization’s funds to cover the registration fees for any nutrition related event that a member chooses to attend. Such opportunities not only provide accrual of knowledge for the participant but can also encourage collaboration with nutritionists and dieticians from other countries.
    Furthermore, the grant enables the sponsored applicant an opportunity to lead another continuous education session and share what she has learnt. Through this, the sponsorship benefits are extended to other members of SNDA.
    Here’s what some of them have to say about their overseas experience:
    “SNDA’s support enabled me to attend the International Congress of Nutrition (ICN), one of the most important conferences for the nutrition community, held in Granada, Spain in September 2013.  The 20th ICN featured a variety of topics that covered both nutrition scientific knowledge and its applications. It was an enriching experience for me to hear the latest updates on nutritional science and especially the translational aspects as I am personally interested in community nutrition and nutrition education.” 
    - Pauline Chan, Director at Food Specialists PL, Singapore
    “Attending the 2013 Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA) conference - Performance Nutrition – Measurement, Manipulation, Application - held in Melbourne, Australia paved the way for me to learn the latest updates in sports nutrition; for example, the applications of caffeine and nitrate for performance enhancement. I also learned about nutrition for unusual sports like those that require ultra-endurance.  The experience helped to form a close network of friends who are working in the same field to enrich my personal practice.”
    – Pamela Wong, Senior Dietitian at Khoo Tech Phuat Hospital, Singapore
    “I was privileged to attend the International Workshop on Capacity and Leadership Development in Nutritional Science in Seoul, Korea in 2012. I am truly grateful to be supported by Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association (SNDA) to attend and present a country report “Metabolic Syndrome from Perspective to Action” as a part of nutrition in Asia in this workshop. Besides, it is a great opportunity to network and learn from the researchers and leaders in nutritional sciences. In future, I hope this international workshop will lead to further sharing and collaborations among countries in Asia.  Upon my return, I took the opportunity to organize Obesity Forum during the 30th Annual General Meeting 2013. Besides sharing my fruitful experience, I have also invited a researcher and a psychologist to complement each other’s experience and skills, hence promoting multi-disciplinary approach towards managing Obesity.” – Win Nie Loh, Dietitian, Changi General Hospital

    Christine Rubi-Cruz and Leow Sooi Mee
    SNDA Resources Subcommittee