From Sandra Capra, Chair of the ICDA Board of Directors
  • Hello to everyone again!  The year is quickly coming to a close – hard to believe how fast the year has gone.
    The annual meeting of ICDA was held in September.  Twelve members attended but unfortunately we were not able to connect with another two members for some reason.  We extend our apologies to those members. 
    The last year has been one of consolidation with the commencement of plans to advance our strategic plan.  I have had the pleasure of visiting members in Malaysia and at the 6th Asian Congress of Dietetics in Taiwan since the last edition of DAW.  These have been really good opportunities to discuss issues of relevance with members and to learn about the profession and its issues.
    Make sure you take a look at the strategic plan for the 2012-2016 period which is available on the website, to see what we are working on and hope to achieve.
    The upcoming year will see us focussing on advancing our aspirations in relation to extending our definitions for education of dietitians, identifying common competencies and advancing work on a framework for recognition. We are increasing our capacity by inviting international experts in the area to assist the Board. In 2015, official representatives can expect to receive materials from us to review, and we hope they make it possible for many people to comment and have input.
    Marketing for the 17th ICD in Granada, Spain has now commenced in earnest, and invitations for proposals for presentations, workshops and symposia have now been extended to all members by our Spanish colleagues.  The closing date for these is later this year, but we ask all members to consider submitting a proposal and commencing recruitment for attendance at this wonderful professional development activity.  It’s time to start planning your trip to Granada.  Watch out for the YouTube video – it’s great and gives a really nice time line on the Congresses over the past 60 years.
    I take this opportunity on behalf of the Board to wish you all the best for the upcoming festive seasons and New Year and hope that 2015 brings prosperity and peace to you all.
    Sandra Capra