Infant Feeding Recommendations & WHO Growth Charts for Canada
  • Canadian dietitians partner to develop infant feeding recommendations and to adapt WHO Growth Charts for Canada
    Dietitians of Canada often partners with other health professional groups and government and non-government organizations when developing recommendations for the public. This strategy helps to ensure consistent messages are delivered and that the practices of health professionals are more unified. Three new documents demonstrate this approach.
    Infant feeding recommendations: Dietitians of Canada (DC), the Canadian Pediatric Society and the Breastfeeding Council of Canada with leadership and support from the Government of Canada completed development and released new infant feeding recommendations (0-24 months). This work took place over a two-year period, and included time for each partner to consult their Association members. The recommendations are available on the DC website under Dietitians Views. 
    Allergy prevention in high-risk infants: We endorsed the work of the Canadian Pediatric Society and the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology on dietary exposures and allergy prevention in high-risk infants and jointly released the new recommendations to the public. See for the media release and recommendations.
    WHO Growth Charts adapted for Canada: Building on our work and leadership in 2010, we released redesigned WHO Growth Charts for Canada endorsed by four other health professional groups including pediatricians, family physicians, community health nurses and pediatric endocrinologists. The five groups worked together to address design issues that had emerged since we first put the growth charts into practice. To learn more visit
    It takes more time and patience when you choose to partner on development of joint recommendations, but the end products are almost always better and certainly are more widely accepted. In our experience, naming a lead organization to facilitate the overall process has been a key success factor.
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    Janice Macdonald
    Director Communications
    Dietitians of Canada