Report from Argentina
  • On April 3th, AADYND (Asociación Argentina de Dietistas y Nutricionistas Dietistas) convened with representatives of the food industry, Universities and other food and nutrition organizations to present “AADYND initiatives 2014”. Some of the AADYND planned activities for this year are:
    • New AADYND website with remodeled design, incorporation of a map to locate members and videos, among other features.
    • Launch of DIAETA (the journal of AADYND) in electronic format
    • Presentation of a new book supported by AADYND: “Consejos prácticos para la alimentación saludable del adulto” (Author Lic. Viviana Wons)
    The Scientific Committee presented professional continued education courses on site and online along with the inauguration of the 1st Online Course in Sport Nutrition in alliance with AEDN (Spain NDA - Asociación Española de Dietistas).  The event ended with a colorful presentation, by Lic. Graciela Gonzalez, about AADYND´s history and social commitment.

    Presentation of the book
    The Media Committee delivers timely and reliable food and nutrition information in the media. In the past few months, AADYND and its members have participated in programs through multiple media outlets (TV, radio and graphic press). AADYND publishes monthly newsletters in its website and social media that generates great interest, and demands the participation of AADYND spokespersons in the media to comment on diverse food and nutrition topics. Some of the topics covered recently were: eating healthy during the Holidays (December), hydration during the summer (January-February) and school lunch (March).  AADYND spokespersons were also quoted in articles related to healthy eating during inflation, published by Argentine newspapers.  In 2013, AADYDN participated in a 12-chapter TV series called “Como, luego existo” (“I eat, therefore I am”) that is being broadcast in 2014 on Canal Encuentro or on You Tube.  You can watch it at
    Romina Defranchi