From the Former Editors
  • Congratulations to DAW!!! 20 years old and going stronger than ever!!
    I was Editor of DAW from 2001 to 2004 when we transferred the newsletter from a biannual paper newsletter to an on-line version. This allowed us to expand and make it bigger as well as increase access. Prior to this, limited resources meant that each member association was sent a few copies, whereas on-line has allowed for more open access. I remember that it was very difficult to get articles in paper form, whereas once we moved into the electronic medium it was faster and easier to work with members providing content.
    And now DAW has been able to move to three times a year. Well done and congratulations.
    Sandra Capra, Chairperson, ICDA Board of Directors
    In 2004 I became the new ICDA Representative for the British Dietetic Association (BDA) and was elected to the ICDA Board of Directors. Up to this point I had been very active within the BDA and was one of the two BDA Delegates in the European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians but I had not been involved at an international level. My first duty on the Board of ICDA was to take over the editorship of DAW. This provided an excellent introduction to what the National Dietetic Associations (NDA) were doing, through the articles they submitted and the conferences, resources and funding opportunities that were advertised.  Editing DAW contributed to my learning about dietetics around the world and my continuing professional development and provided the opportunity to influence the content of the newsletter by commissioning or encouraging people to write articles. Speakers at the 15th International Congress of Dietetics in Yokohama were asked for abstracts in advance of the congress to showcase the event and encourage attendance. It also brought with it a responsibility to ensure that two editions of DAW were published each year, of sufficient content and standard by helping those whose first language is not English, and the pressure when articles were not forthcoming.
    I was very lucky to inherit a newsletter that had been transformed from a paper version, sent to each member NDA with an expectation that it would be circulated within that association, to an electronic web based version on the ICDA website. Systems and processes were in place thanks to my predecessor Sandra Capra and the Secretariat of Dietitians of Canada. My task was to keep it going.
    DAW is now well established and under the guidance of the current Editor, Sheela Krishnaswamy, has grown with enough content to allow three editions a year. It continues to fulfil the initial purpose of providing a network for dietitians around the world to learn from and support each other. The new website has widened the scope for DAW including the opportunity for photographs. I wish Sheela well in continuing to develop the newsletter to meet the needs of both long standing and fledgling NDAs and their members, and look forward to reading about the ever changing face of dietetics.
    Carole Middleton MBE BSc RD FBDA
    Member, ICDA Board of Directors
    Editor of Dietetics Around the World 2004 – 2008