20 Years of ICDA Newsletter – Dietetics Around the World
  • Argentina –
    The National Dietetic Association of Argentina, AADYND (AsociaciĆ³n Argentina de Dietistas y Nutricionistas Dietistas), has yet a short history within ICDA but it´s pleased to congratulate the newsletter, DAW, on its 20th Anniversary.  Thanks for letting us share our work!
    Romina Defranchi

    Canada –
    Dietetics Around the World has added value for our professional network by providing a means to share information about advancements in the profession around the world and a means to share some great resources available to dietitians.  My point can be seen in this very recent example when I wrote to a colleague in Canada, "This lead article in the ICDA newsletter (March 2014 - Vienna Declaration) might provide some interesting links for your British Columbia Nutrition Strategy project.  You can contact the authors by using the ICDA web site link to the national dietetic association in Austria". In reply, "Perfect timing – thanks!  It is amazing how even the wording is similar to our original strategy and the areas that our key informants want to move forward.  I really appreciate you bringing my attention to the article.  Just in time for inclusion in our final report."
    Marsha Sharp
    CEO, Dietitians of Canada
    I am always motivated by the international achievements of our profession and find the articles inspire me to continue my commitment to growing the profession in Canada.
    Linda Dietrich
    Dietitians of Canada, Ontario
    A 2010 article from the France Dietetic Association on their advocacy work related to advertising to children inspired me to investigate action in other countries and eventually led, in part, to the ICD 2012 Conference session on this topic with speakers from Australia and Canada.  We discussed the importance of working together internationally on issues where we had common interests. Taking united action makes our voice even stronger.
    Janice Macdonald
    Dietitians of Canada, British Columbia

    USA –
    It has been 2 decades since the first DAW newsletter was written!  The first editions were sponsored by the American and British organizations, excitedly making nutrition connections between a few countries.  Now our DAW newsletter provides updates from ICDA representatives from all six continents…and we continue to encourage new countries to join!
    Sylvia Escott-Stump
    Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
    Over the past two decades, the dietetics profession has become ever more globalized. And wherever we live, food and nutrition professionals find ourselves addressing common issues – obesity, malnutrition, food security, sustainability, nutrition education and many more. Communication and dialogue are crucial to professional growth and success, and as we work toward our shared worldwide goals of advancing our profession and improving the public’s health, “Dietetics Around the World” has been an invaluable resource internationally, for dietetic associations and individual practitioners alike. On behalf of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and our members throughout the world, thank you and congratulations to ICDA on 20 years of “Dietetics Around the World” and our best wishes for many more.
    Sonja L. Connor
    President, 2014-2015
    Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics