APN in partnership with the Portuguese Government
  • The Portuguese Association of Nutritionists (APN) organizes, throughout the year, various activities not only for its members but also for other health professionals and the general public.  Besides activities on its own initiative, APN develops other activities when invited by numerous partners including the state itself. During the year 2013 APN once again responded to this perceived need by the government which collaborated with the Nutritionists (represented by their professional association) on issues related to food and nutrition. 
    Here are examples of their active participation:

    Health Week – This was celebrated between 5 and 12 April 2013 with the theme "The practical integration of health for the general welfare" by Ministry of Agriculture, Sea, Environment and Spatial Planning.  During the health week, APN conducted a set of activities aimed at contributing to health promotion and disease prevention:
    • sent mailers to all the staff in the ministry about the importance of healthy nutrition in health promotion,
    • promoted a workshop entitled "Starting the day healthy at the table” and
    • conducted a nutritional check up for the employees of the ministry. 

    Health in Parliament – The 4th edition of this activity took place this year between 6 and 18 May, in which APN provided a range of activities aimed at sensitizing participants to the best practices in health:

    • sent emails daily with information about nutrition and food, and activities to develop the journeys,
    • performed a nutritional check-up for all employees of the Parliament and promoted a workshop in the area of healthy eating.

    It has been almost a year since the government requests were made and we believe, this will continue until December!
    Helena Ávi la M.
    Presidente da Direcção