In Japan, the Government and the Private Sector Unite to Promotion "Shokuiku" (food and nutrition education)
  • Country – Japan

    What is "Shokuiku?"
    In Japan, in order for each citizen to prosper and live in good health throughout their lives, a national program on "Shokuiku" (food and nutrition education) is aiming to instill general knowledge regarding diet and the ability to select food that will constitute a healthy daily diet.
    To clarify the fundamental principles and purpose of "Shokuiku," as well as to promote integrated related measures and programs in order to ensure their effectiveness, the national government of Japan enacted the Basic Law on "Shokuiku" in 2005.
    In the five-year period of fiscal year 2006-2010, the national government drew up the basic plan for the promotion of "Shokuiku" based on the Basic Law on "Shokuiku," and all of the concerned bodies and persons involved, including the national government, the prefectures, the municipalities, as well as the related organizations and groups, initiated a strong, creative national program on "Shokuiku."  However, despite these efforts, there was an increased need to respond to a variety of issues related to food and diet, such as an increase in the number of persons with lifestyle-related diseases, including obesity and diabetes, skipping breakfast and eating meals alone without family communication among children, or malnutrition in the elderly.
    Therefore, in order to promote well-planned and integrated strategies related to "Shokuiku" considering the results of its promotion up to the present, as well as these various diet-related issues, the government drew up the 2nd basic plan for the promotion of "Shokuiku" for fiscal year 2011-2015.
    Activities at the government level
    The government has set the 19th of every month as the "Shokuiku Day," and June of every year as the "Shokuiku Month”.  Furthermore, as a nationwide core event, the National Convention for the Promotion ofShokuiku is held at various sites around the country every year.  This year the 8th convention was held as a 2-day event on June 22nd and 23rd in Hiroshima, jointly hosted by the Cabinet Office (national government) and Hiroshima Prefecture. This convention featured lectures, symposia, exhibitions and events to introduce activities implemented by the national government, the local governmental bodies and the related organizations aimed at promotion of "Shokuiku."  The Japan Dietetic Association operated an exhibition booth, in collaboration with the Hiroshima Dietetic Association, featuring nutrition guidance, a vegetable quiz, a panel exhibition, etc., under the theme of "Let's Eat Vegetables”.  Last year, 228 organizations held exhibitions and 44,800 people participated in the convention.
    Activities conducted by the Japan Dietetic Association
    The Japan Dietetic Association is a public-service corporation composed of 53,000 registered dietitians and other dietitians. Each member is engaged in nutrition-related activities based on their individual positions, targeting a wide range of people of all generations, from children to the elderly.
    In addition, the Japan Dietetic Association organizes a variety of events for the nation, conducts dietary and nutritional guidance, and develops educational tools like leaflets, etc.). On April 7, 2013, with the support of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and the Japan Medical Association, the 34th Convention for Advocacy of Health Promotion was held in Tokyo, on the theme "Physical activity, exercise and nutrition for health promotion: New guidelines on physical activity and prevention of locomotive syndrome".
    An event titled "Health Promotion Campaign in Niigata" is scheduled on August 31 2013, on the theme "Preventing Diabetes Through Diet. Let's Eat Vegetables 2013". This campaign will be jointly held with the Niigata Dietetic Association, where activities like lectures, cooking demonstrations, vegetable quiz, dietary and nutritional guidance, as well as an exhibition corner, where the participants can have their body measurements taken, will be organized. 
    Photos from the past event “Health Promotion Campaign in Kagawa (August 31, 2012)”

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