Medical Health Insurance Company Offers its Clients Reimbursement for Dietary Consultation in Austria
  • Country – Austria

    The Austrian Association of Dietitians has developed, in cooperation with the “Sozialversicherungsanstalt der gewerblichen Wirtschaft” (“SVA” - a Medical Health Insurance Company), a Nutrition and Health Concept.   For the first time a health insurance company has agreed to pay for nutrition consultation, which is a great opportunity for free lance dietitians in Austria.
    The outline of the program is that through changing nutritional habits, the quality of life can be enhanced and health can be sustained or improved.
    The program includes support to clients in reaching particular goals, such as weight-loss, weight maintenance, blood pressure and miscellaneous blood counts.
    Outline of the nutrition program in cooperation with a Dietitian:
    1. First appointment: Nutrition Assessment, Nutrition Diagnosis, BIA-measurements, defining goals with the client, Nutrition Intervention, setting up a daily meal diary
    2. Three consecutive appointments: including analysis of the meal diary, shopping training, product knowledge, aid to health behavior changes, new goals.
    3. Final appointment: BIA-measurement, reflecting on changes in the daily eating habits, defining behavior modification management.
    4. Follow-up appointment: after six months. This appointment serves the purpose of checking sustainability of the applied nutritional adjustment.
    Benefits for the Dietitian:
    The program has been developed and accurately defined by the Austrian Association of Dietitians. Participating Dietitians enroll in a free information course and receive counseling materials (brochures) for their clients.
    Apart from the advantage of client acquisition by the insurance company the Dietitian has the benefit of receiving appropriate compensation for her work and gets to treat highly motivated clients.
    Networking within different regions of the country is an additional advantage.
    Trudy Giesinger, Dietitian
    Professor Andrea Hofbauer

    President, Austrian Association of Dietitians