From the Chair of the ICDA Board of Directors
  • Hello everyone and I hope 2013 is going well for you all.  This year you will see that we have increased the number of newsletters each year to three.  This reflects the increase in activity among members as well as the pace of change across the world.  Thanks to the Editor Sheela Krishnaswamy for taking up the challenge.  For you, it means that there is more opportunity to inform the wider nutrition and dietetics community of your work.
    The Board, too, has increased its workload.  We met last month to work on the strategic plan for the 2012-2016 period.  We have made some important decisions that I would like to share with you. Firstly we are going to improve our mission statements and modernise them.  The current mission was developed way back in 2000 when the ICDA was reformed. After our meetings with members in September 2012 in Sydney we think it timely to work on some newer, more contemporary wording.  Secondly we have taken all your suggestions from the workshops we ran at the 16th ICD and have thought about which ones we can implement and how.  This will come out in our revised strategic plan which will be made available to all members as soon as it is finalised, but some issues that we will be addressing in the first two year period (2012-2014) include: working on a common definition for many of the words we use to help with understanding, working on an interprofessional practice competency framework, developing a clearer marketing plan, and continue work supporting the implementation of the IDNT (International Dietetics and Nutrition Terminology) and NCP (Nutrition Care Process) frameworks for practice. 
    We will also, from time to time, be calling for interested individuals (not appointed by associations/members) who have expertise on particular topics and have the time to contribute, to undertake specific tasks for the Board.  This has proved successful for us and we plan to continue this into the future – so look out for opportunities.  They may take the form of joining an advisory group, taking leadership of a group, or undertaking a specific task.  But this is how we think we can get more done.
    The Board also revisited its membership criteria as you have approved that we not limit membership to one association per country but allow up to two (2).  This meant that we needed to look at what conditions associations need to meet to be a member.  We also have decided that at each renewal (every two years when fees are paid) members will have to demonstrate that they continue to meet these membership criteria.  The actual details are not ready yet but will be put to the annual meeting in September.
    But our biggest news is that we got our Certificate of Continuance as a not-for-profit Corporation in Canada in May of this year.  A very big “thank you” to Marsha Sharp for getting this through for us.  It means that ICDA can continue to operate and exist.  Thank you to those members who assisted us in September by voting in favour of this.  It does mean we have to comply with the new ‘rules’ under Canadian law but it also means that we now have certainty and continuity.
    In September of this year (September 12th 7am Toronto time) we will be holding our annual meeting by teleconference.  Official representatives will be receiving the documents on July 29th.  We look forward to speaking to as many of the official representatives who can make it.
    So, as you can see from this, the Board is trying to implement as many of those things you wanted us to do as well as we can, and as carefully and thoughtfully as we can.
    Best wishes to you all.
    Sandra Capra
    Chair, ICDA Board of Directors