International Dietitians Day in New Zealand – “Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day”
  • Country – New Zealand
    A special day dedicated to all dietitians across New Zealand will be celebrated on March 13th 2013. This is the first time New Zealand based dietitians have participated in International Dietitians Day which serves to commemorate dietitians as invaluable health care professionals applying their specialised food and nutrition knowledge to improve the health of New Zealanders. As a dietitian’s role often goes unrecognised in the community, the primary goal of this day is to raise awareness of registered dietitians as the key nutritional experts that translate the science of nutrition into practical use for the benefit of the public.
    For the past four years, the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, has been successfully celebrating an annual Registered Dietitians Day and the theme this year is “Eat right, your way, every day”. Healthy eating patterns, based on the New Zealand dietary guidelines, will be encouraged during this nutrition education campaign.
    Dietitians New Zealand will be focusing most of their efforts on the day to targeted markets in primary schools, supermarkets and District Health Boards (publicly funded hospitals) nationwide. Collaborative relationships with strategically aligned organisations will be formed to help convey key messages to the public. Primary schools with low decile ratings, will receive nutrition education packs, including healthy nutrition models, information on reading food labels and resources to help raise awareness on the need for modified diets for some children.

    Consumers at supermarkets will be provided with label reading opportunities, healthy low-cost recipe ideas and a nutrition booth staffed by dietitians to help answer questions on nutrition and nutrition related health. Public hospitals around the country, as well as other health organisations will be encouraged to participate during this day by holding a special lunch to honour their dietitians, putting up banners and handing out resources. This day will be an opportunity to draw positive attention to dietitians and provide recognition by the public for the important work that they do.