Brazilian Nutrition Congress and Ibero-American Nutrition Congress Achieve International Exposure
  • Country – Brazil
    More than 3400 nutrition professionals and students from Brazil and 11 Ibero-American countries gathered together at the 22nd Brazilian Nutrition Congress (CONBRAN 2012) from September 26 – 29, 2012 in Olinda, Pernambuco. The event was organized by the Brazilian Nutrition Association (ASBRAN) and the Pernambuco State Nutrition Association (APN), and brought together delegates from the 3rd Ibero-American Conference on Nutrition, the 3rd Ibero-American Sports Nutrition Symposium, the 1st Ibero-American Symposium on Evidence-Based Clinical Nutrition and the 1st Ibero-American Nutrition Symposium on Meal Production.
     A landmark in the nutrition field and one of the most important nutrition events in Latin America, CONBRAN hosted lively debates on food production processes, trading, transformation, preparation, distribution and consumption, and their relationships to health, social movements, NGOs, government ministries and other governmental organizations.
    Concomitant events, such as international conferences (involving professionals from Spain, Panama, Portugal, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay and Chile), cultural attractions, film festivals, networking opportunities and meetings for professionals and students, all reflected important challenges facing nutrition science now and in the future.
    One of CONBRAN's permanent spaces, the Josué de Castro space, played host to approximately 2000 visitors. The space is a tribute to the great Brazilian activist who devoted his life to fighting hunger, and it stimulated debate on practical experiences and encouraged discussions on relevant topics. A movement was created at this event to encourage discussion and create petitions against pesticides and genetically modified foods. A series of criticisms was also formalized against violations of Human Rights to Proper Food (DHHA).
    The debates at the 22nd CONBRAN and 3rd Ibero-American Conference on Nutrition strengthened the approach towards transparent and concrete public policies that assure the Right to Proper Food in Brazil, Latin America and the world, which was the focus of the keynote topic: Appropriate Food and Social Sustainability.
    In addition to the great impact caused by CONBRAN, the 3rd Ibero-American Conference showed that professionals from Ibero-American countries have become stronger from the exchange of research, knowledge and experience. To consolidate its international scope, the Ibero-American Conference on Nutrition is already organizing its next event to be held in Guatemala in September 2013.
    In 2012, the Brazilian Nutrition Association launched PRONUTRI, a DISTANCE CONTINUING EDUCATION PROGRAMME for nutritionists, nutrition students and professionals from related areas. 
    PRONUTRI is structured as four-volume cycles produced on a quarterly basis. Over 1,400 courses were sold in the first year.  The goal of the program is to make the knowledge and expertise of the most representative authors from different areas of study available to professionals in a systematic and organized way so that they have access to solution for the most common problems they see in their professional practice, along with follow up that encourages them to embark on permanent training. The first cycle is currently concluding with excellent results.