Dietitians LEAP into cyberspace at ICD 2012: Report from DAA
  • Country – Australia
    After months of preparation from Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) staff, with support from DAA’s Social Media Advisory Committee (SMAC), we were delighted to see many Australian and international dietitians LEAP into the social media world for the International Congress of Dietetics, held in Sydney, Australia on 5-8 September 2012.
    The online interaction on ICD’s social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube was extremely positive. Many online followers who were unable to attend the congress were grateful to those Tweeting and posting content and photos, which allowed them to follow the action as it happened.
    Here is a snapshot of some of the social media outcomes from ICD2012:
    Twitter (@icd2012)
    • The account had more than 600 Twitter followers (mostly dietitians) from across the world
    • More than 4,500 Tweets were generated using the #ICD2012 hashtag
    • The official ‘Tweet Up’ at the Welcome Reception had a great turn out, attracting around 20 delegates
    • Responses to the official ICD2012 Twitter competition, which was supported by numerous congress sponsors and exhibitors, was pleasing – with five prizes given away
    • Delegates were able to view ICD2012 Tweets at the congress through a live Twitter stream set-up on numerous televisions throughout the venue.
    A selection of the many great Tweets:
    • What a great day #ICD2012 – learning about food insecurity, FODMAPs and more...inspiring & stimulating.
    • Missed the first 20 mins of the social networking workshop whilst I set up a Twitter account – oh the irony! #ICD2012.
    • Sylvia-Escott Stump takes the stand to speak about nutrition genomics! Folate especially can alter gene expression. #ICD2012.
    • Networks, knowledge, readiness, confidence, resilience. Just some of the qualities needed to influence – Pauline Mulholland #ICD2012.
    • People with IBS have more nerve endings lining the gut, therefore experience heightened sensations such as bloating and pain #ICD2012.
     Facebook (
    • Almost 500 ‘Likes’ to the ICD Facebook page
    • ICD Facebook content reached more than 20 countries
    • During the week of the congress, ICD Facebook content reached almost 9,000 people
    • During the week of the congress, more than 250 people were talking about ICD on their Facebook pages.
    Most popular Facebook posts:
    • Video of the Australian Youth Choir at the Opening Ceremony
    • Video highlights from the Opening Ceremony.
    These clips can also be found on DAA’s YouTube Channel at
    A big thank you to dietitians around the globe who got involved with the social media channels for ICD2012. Your informative and enthusiastic messages created a great vibe for the congress.
    DAA also noticed many budding social media dietitians engaging in ‘cyberspace’ in the last couple of days of the congress. We hope our social media efforts have inspired dietitians across the world to LEAP into this area and spread the expert word about health and nutrition across the ever-growing domain that is social media!

    Holly Smith, Communications Dietitian, Dietitians Association of Australia
    Connect with DAA:
    Twitter: @HealthyWtWk