ICD 2012 Experience - Niva Shapira, Naomi Trostler, Ronit Endevelt, Rebecca Goldsmith, Israel Dietetic Association
  • The ICDA was a great experience for me personally and to the Israeli group - 8 of the leading professionals in Israel. It was a pleasure being together, many of us presented papers, and were enthusiastic about exchanging information and opinions and sharing perspectives, visions and missions. We all felt very positive about new practices presented, which were potentially very relevant and applicable for us in Israel. Others enjoyed the positive response they got to their presentations and from the professional interactions and opportunities they encountered.

    Beyond the high academic level from scientists all over the world, and especially by Australian scientists, whom we had a rare opportunity to meet, the professional promotion emphasis was a great idea, which I believe should be taken much further in future conferences and activities. Attaining common language and perspectives would give us support and backing – wherever we may be – and this empowerment will bring the global message for improved effectiveness and enhancement.

    Thank you Prof. Sandra Capra for your empowering lecture and by showing  women who made differences in the professional world, reminding us the potential we have and the need for our contribution that increasingly exist!

    Thank you the ICDA team for putting together such a significant professional conference!!!!

    Niva Shapira Ph.D.,R.D.,Agr.
    Clinical Nutrition and R&D Consultant
    e-mail:  nivnet@inter.net.il

    ICDA congresses are for me the scene where I catch up on what is the status of the dietetic profession around the globe. Through formal and mainly informal, "corridor", meetings and chats with delegates one learns what the various challenges, successes and barriers to education of dietitians and practice dietetics are around the world. The ICDA in Sydney was no exception. The formal presentations laid out numerous important issues proving we are a global village and share similar issues. Solutions vary and it was interesting to compare them.
    I left enriched and proud of our profession.

    Thank you to the Dietitians Association of Australia for their fantastic job of organization and hospitality.

    Naomi Trostler PhD, RD
    Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    I have participated in the ICD conference and enjoyed it very much especially the internet section and the multicultural perspective.

    As the head of health promotion in the second biggest HMO in Israel and a clinical dietitian there were a lot to learn and share, though I was lacking some more sharing sessions. I will be happy to get the PDF's of the lectures.

    Dr Ronit Endevelt
    Director of Health promotion and preventive medicine 

    I particularly enjoyed the conference, as I am Australian, so that, in addition to benefitting from the excellent professional program, I had the opportunity to meet up with colleagues with whom I worked in the past.
    There was an enormous variety in terms of subjects, and many new areas of work for dietitians that were explored. This conference provided an excellent forum for dietitians from around the world to network, share ideas, and learn from top-notch professionals.

    Though Israel is a small country, I felt proud of our delegation of 9 and their presentations. 
    I look forward to receiving the PDF's of the presentations, and I hope that the poster sessions will also be included.

    Rebecca Goldsmith
    Senior Research Coordinator
    Nutrition Department, Ministry of Health