ICD 2012 Experience - Marleen de Bruin, Elles Steenhagen, Wineke Remijnse-Meester, Dutch Dietetic Association
  • “Change the values, then you can grow” - Ann Fox at the 16th ICD, Sydney, Australia
    Another ICD has happened!   It was really a perfect and lovely opportunity to meet so many international colleagues in Sydney.  The world – for the moment – was small.

    We were 3 of 2200 participants who enjoyed the 4 packed days of stimulating lead sessions, plenary lectures, interactive workshops and poster sessions about Nutrition and Dietetics. Personal networks were expanded, experiences and ideas shared, research presented and points of view discussed. It was a great experience to hear about the professional practices from all the corners of the world. We came home impressed and inspired by all those active colleagues in so many fields of activities. 

    We enjoyed the scientific program. It was great to have the chance to present and share our research results from the Netherlands.  And we are very honored and proud that Elles Steenhagen received two poster awards (Highly Commended Poster and Best Novice Researcher Poster) for ‘Efficacy and complications of nasojejunal, jejunostomy and parsenteral feeding after pancreaticoduodenectomy’ (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22528573) and ‘Optimal feeding strategy after pancreaticoduodenectomy: a systematic review’ (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23354970). We have celebrated it with a delicious Australian dinner and a good glass of Australian wine. Research in Nutrition and Dietetics is important to develop evidence based (inter)national nutritional guidelines. And even more important is to share the struggle of implementing those guidelines into practice.
    Nearly every session brought something new or an inspiration. It was a great opportunity to discuss the differences and similarities between IDNT and the ICF dietetics (used in the Netherlands). Coming from a country where creating evidence is a hot topic,  the combination of E-health (making an App) and ‘old fashion’ dietetics (making recipes for tube feeding) in the session about disasters (Thai flooding) gave a perspective – we shouldn’t lose our old professional skills, but we should sell them in a new way.   Uncomplicated observational research to support the implementation of new policy on nursing wards showed that the solution is sometimes less complicated then we think. 

    We were proud to hear Wineke’s speech about the Dutch approach. The applause when she told about the law suit against the Dutch government in case of reimbursement felt like a reward for our Dutch Dietetics Association.

    We took home the message “more evidence, more sharing, shared language, leadership, coordinated curricula, choosing strategic partners and reaching out to others”. 
    Thanks to the DAA for an inspiring and well organized 16th ICD. We enjoyed Sydney!
    See you at the 17th ICD in Spain. Looking forward!