EFAD adopts two new position papers
  • EFAD had the very good fortune to receive €100000 from the European Commission in 2012 to support the work of the Federation.  This money was used to produce several useful outcomes, including surveys on standardised terminology and on the embedding of European Dietetic Competencies.  A communications strategy was developed, a LinkedIn group (called European Dietitians) was established and four newsletters and a new brochure were published.  EFAD was also able to organize stakeholder workshops and workshops to facilitate mentoring relationships between established and developing associations.
    In addition to all of this EFAD was also able to publish two position papers, two briefing papers and three reports.
    The first report “Health in the Workplace: The Role of the Dietitian”, based on data collected earlier, was used to stimulate discussion between stakeholders from industry, public health organisations and politicians, to gain a better understanding of what dietitians can offer in this important area of public health.
    To develop the other documents a project officer undertook a desk search and drew up draft papers on the role of the dietitian in the fields of Diabetes, Gerontology, Administrative Dietetics and Public Health Dietetics.  Each EFAD member association was asked to identify specialist dietitians in these fields, creating a database of specialist dietitians within Europe.  These specialist dietitians were asked to comment on, and contribute to, the draft briefing papers and reports.  They were also invited to meet at the EFAD/DIETS conference and to form European Specialist Dietetic Networks, with a view to developing competencies for dietetic specialties in future.
    The outcome of all this activity was the publication of two reports: “The role of the dietitian in effective health promotion to reduce health inequalities” and “The role of the dietitian in the provision of safe, tasty, nutritious and sustainable food”.

    Two Position Papers with supporting briefing papers were also published: “The Role of the Dietitian in the Prevention and Management of Gestational and Type 2 Diabetes” and “The Role of the Dietitian in the Prevention and Management of Nutrition-related Disease in the Older Adults”.
    EFAD members voted at the General Meeting to adopt these two position papers, adding them to the two existing position papers on the role of the dietitian in management of obesity and malnutrition.
    The Position Papers will be used to advocate for dietitians. They have already been “released” to stakeholders, including politicians, employers, other health professionals and educators, with accompanying press releases.
    The position papers, and all the other outcomes described here, are available for download on the EFAD web site.  Please visit www.efad.org and register to use the extranet, to ensure that you have access to all this information and to receive regular updates of EFAD activities in future.
    Judith Liddell
    EFAD Secretary General