From the Chair of the Board
  • Another ICD has happened!!  It was really great to meet so many people in Sydney.  The Congress had more than 2200 attendees from 59 countries and many new friendships were formed.  The program was packed with something for everyone – no matter where you came from or the context of practice.  Well done to the Dietitians Association of Australia for hosting the 16th ICD and we now look forward to the 17th in Granada.  Be sure to read the articles about the wonderful 16th congress and look for the photos on the website.
    It’s also great to welcome two new members to the Board of Directors – Rekha Sharma from the Indian Dietetic Association and Niva Shapira from the Israel Dietetic Association, and welcome back Giuseppe Rusolillo from the Spain Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists, Carole Middleton from the British Dietetic Association, Sylvia Escott-Stump from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Marsha Sharp from Dietitians of Canada and myself from the Dietitians Association of Australia. Congratulations to these colleagues.  It was also sad to say good bye and a very big thank you to Sheela Krishnaswamy from the Indian Dietetic Association who completed a four year term on the Board.  However Sheela will remain working for ICDA as the Newsletter Editor and we thank her most sincerely for continuing this contribution to international dietetics.
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those representatives who attended the workshop and meeting on Tuesday, September 4th.  This was an important meeting as we needed to reach agreement on the new articles and by-law of ICDA to lodge in Canada.  Canada has changed some of the rules around not-for-profit organisations and it was really important to pass these regulations to ensure that ICDA would remain an entity under Canadian law.  Also a big thank you for the overall discussions and views, as we really need to hear the members.  But it does not need to stop with our workshop at the ICD – please send us any ideas you have as we really need to hear from members all the time.
    We also would like to thank all those Congress attendees who came to our ICDA workshops.  These were really terrific – providing the Board with a lot of feedback and information to help shape our direction and strategic plan for the next four years.  All the notes and ideas from all these areas will be summarised and will form the base of the work plan for the next few years.  If we send out a call for volunteers to help with any of our specific activities please don’t forget to put your name forward.
    The annual reports from the Chair and the Secretary are available for you to read.  Please do so as they summarise what has happened in the last year.  It is clear that while we have done really well, the next four years needs to see us take an even greater world view.  It became obvious that there are some real opportunities for dietetics, but there are also challenges.  There is a wish to see us move forward on topics like defining what dietetics is more clearly and to engage more directly with other international organisations – big tasks!
    The Board of Directors will finalise the updated strategic plan in 2013.  We will use the plan of 2008-2012 as the base but will incorporate as many of the member suggestions for action that we possibly can.
    And finally, thank you to the Board for re-electing me as Chair for the next four year period.  I hope that together we can advance our great profession.
    Sandra Capra AM, PhD
    Chair, Board of Directors, ICDA