Political Achievement of the Israeli Dietetic Association (IDA) - Professional Definition and Legal Rights
  • Country – Israel
    In the year 2008, the IDA succeeded in passing a law in the Israeli Parliament, which defines the titles allowed / not allowed to be used, regarding nutrition and dietetic counseling.
    The law states that a person can present himself as a nutritionist or a dietitian only if he meets the following 3 conditions: 1. He has a B.Sc nutrition diploma from one of 3 Israeli academic schools for nutrition. 2. He has completed 720 hours of internship. 3. He has successfully passed the government final exam. The law further emphasizes that a person that doesn't meet these conditions cannot use a misleading description that might lead the lay public to assume he is a dietitian or a nutritionist.
    Passing the law is a great achievement for the public's wellbeing as well as for the professional community of dietitians. It helps differentiate between those who have invested many years in studying the profession and work only according to evidence based practice, versus others who take courses of different duration, usually in alternative medicine, and mistakenly call themselves nutritionists. 
    It is the Ministry of Health's and the police's job to enforce the law, a very difficult one. The IDA is doing its best to help them. We are constantly working with our public relations and a lawyer (Idan Abuhav, adv.) to expand the public's awareness of the existence of this law.
    Edva Heiman & Osnat Stone
    Past & present CEOs
    Israeli Dietetic Association