Activities of Turkish Dietetic Association (TDA)
  • Country – Turkey
    TDA focuses its activities mainly on in-service training and personal rights of dietitians.  Some of the activities of TDA conducted between December 2010 and 2012 are given here.

    1.  Activities of in-service training

    TDA conducted a certification program on ISO22000 - Food Safety. Every year, Dietitian Day was used as an opportunity for in-service education. In 2011, an education program on ‘Margarine under Evaluation’ and ‘Carbohydrate Count’ was held, and in 2012 ‘Identification and Management of Nutritional Difficulties in Children’, ‘Breakfast Cereals and Health Benefits’ and ‘Potential Risks of High-Fructose Corn Syrup for Health’ issues were evaluated. Single-topic education programs such as ‘Did the portions change?’, ‘Diabetes mellitus and nutrition therapy in the light of current information’,  ‘Obesity at All Points; Prevention and Treatment Modalities’ and ‘Clinic Nutrition under Evaluation’ were also conducted.

    2.  Collaboration with other organizations

    There were several activities conducted in collaboration with several organizations such as Hacettepe Nutrition and Dietetic Days-Third Post-Graduation Training, and VIII International Nutrition and Dietetic Congress. In the international Congress a meeting was held by TDA on ‘Ethics in Dietetic Practice’. In the 47th National Diabetes Mellitus Congress, a symposium was conducted in collaboration with Dietitians working with Diabetes Mellitus Association. TDA also found place in European Congress of Obesity in 2011 and Istanbul Health and Nutritional Biennial. Education program on “Importance of Breastfeeding and Infant Nutrition” is still ongoing in collaboration with Pfizer Inc. at 15 cities.

    3.  Published books and journals

    TDA aims to publish journals and books that would guide dietitians in their practice. Education programs such as ‘Current Issues in Nutrition’ have been rendered to be a book with the same name, and publishing of the education program of “Obesity at All Points; Prevention and Treatment Modalities” has been almost finished.  Journal of Nutrition and Diet including volumes 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012/1 has been published. TDA purchased publishing rights of “Dietitian’s Handbook of Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition” and the translation has been completed. It will be published after editing.

    4.  Legal arrangements

    Act 6225, Dietician Profession Act has been passed in the Turkish Parliament; studies on relevant directives are going on. In this act, dietician is defined as a health professional.  Attempts to improve employee rights of dieticians are being made.

    5.  Overseas activities

    TDA tries to participate in activities in foreign countries. In 2011, A. Evrim Turkmen represented TDA in EFAD/DIETS meeting and in 2012 Reci Meseri represented TDA with a poster in EFAD/DIETS. Some members were present in ICD 2012 in Sydney to learn and share ideas.