ASBRAN to hold CONBRAN in Sep 2012
  • Country – Brazil
    The Brazilian Nutrition Association – ASBRAN is a pioneer class entity formed on August 31st 1949 by professional Nutritionists, incorporated as a non-profit organization of a technical, scientific, cultural and social nature, in the national level, being constituted by a number of associates affiliated to Nutrition Associations across the states of the country. It currently holds 9 associations affiliated throughout the Brazilian territory. ASBRAN aims to contribute toward strengthening professional training and specialization for nutritionists, fostering research and disseminating nutrition information in Brazil, so as to ensure this science and its professionals are recognized as critical elements to people’s health.
    The XXII Brazilian Nutrition Congress - CONBRAN 2012 - was an event encompassing the III Ibero-American Nutrition Congress, the II Ibero-American Sports Nutrition Symposium, the I Ibero-American Meal Production Symposium and the I Ibero-American Symposium on Evidence-Based Health Care Nutrition, and it is established as the largest nutrition event in Brazil. Its 22nd edition was organized by ASBRAN (Brazilian Nutrition Association) in partnership with APN – Nutrition Association of the State of Pernambuco, and it was held from September 26th – 29th, in the city of Recife/ Pernambuco/ Brazil. The 2012 congress was expected to gather over 4,000 participants due to the integration of international symposia.  
    Regarded as a historical event, CONBRAN - in 54 years of its existence - has achieved an outstanding position in Latin American Nutrition industry, going beyond borders in each edition. This year we hosted more than 150 national and international speakers, approximately 30 companies took part as exhibitors and sponsors, and hundreds of scientific surveys were registered, along with 15 parallel activities.
    The central theme of CONBRAN 2012 was “Proper Nourishment and Social Sustainability”, which interconnected six lines of discussion: Healthcare Nutrition, Collective Nourishment, Public Health, Food Science & Technology, Sports Nutrition and Education.

    Several subject areas were approached under the above topics: Non-communicable chronic diseases: pediatrics, geriatrics, advances in nutritional therapy, nutrigenomics, leadership and innovation, nutritional adequacy of meals, food quality and safety systems, nutritional deficiencies and problems, hunger/ malnutrition/ obesity: policy, food and nutritional safety and human right to proper nourishment, long-lasting physical activities, exercise and impact on metabolism, bodybuilding and supplementation in sports, professional training, internships, and post-graduation.
    In addition to discussions, CONBRAN 2012 encouraged a greater integration among professionals and students through workshops, courses, the Josué de Castro tent, Nutri Cinema, Nutri Knowledge, Nutri Interaction, the National Meeting of the Ibero-American Alliance of Nutritionists; networks and committees meetings, cultural and labor activities, Exhibition Fair and Post Graduation Studies Evaluation Seminar.