Portuguese Nutritionists Association (APN)
  • The Portuguese Nutritionists Association was established in 1982. It is a professional association, representative of the Nutritionists in Portugal. This association has as main objective the protection and development of the professional interests of its members. All graduates in Nutritional Sciences from National or International Universities may be members of this Association, as long as the Degree is recognized by the Portuguese Public University. The Association also accepts graduates from other degrees, as long as approved by the APN Board and there’s curriculum equivalence for the development of the Nutritionist activity.  

    As of 2010, Portugal had licensed a total of 1250 Nutritionists (1 for each 8510 inhabitants in Portugal). In the last few years, the professional work of Nutritionists have been extending their field of action, which includes health, sport, food and collective catering, food technology / food science, scientific research, education and training.  It is a profession of healthy future!

    ICDA looks forward to a long and fruitful association with APN.