ICD 2012 Workshops
  • At the 16th Congress in September, we want to learn from you. The Board wants to work with the international community to advance topics of interest around the world. As a result, we have 9 workshops set down in the program. These range from learning how to use our website to raising issues about implementing the International Dietetics and Nutrition Terminology, evidence based practice and new models of practice to working on marketing the profession, open discussion opportunities with Directors and working out how to harness the “civil society” (that is the non political/government groups) to assist us in our work.

    Do sign up for these workshops to learn more about each one and provide feedback to ICDA.

    Don’t forget early bird (reduced) registration is now open. Members of dietetic associations from Brazil, El Salvador, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines and Slovenia are also entitled to reduced registration fees. Check with your national association about this.

    Workshop on Evidence Based Practice – from definition to implementation

    The recently adopted definition of Evidence Based Practice (EBP) is the focus of this workshop. The aim is to provide detailed information on the international definition of EBP for dietetics. The workshop will assist participants to both understand the process of development and to consider methods of implementation.  The ICDA is seeking input from the international community on how it can best assist in the process of global uptake.  

    Workshop on Models of Practice for Dietetic Professionals
    One of the strategies for enhancing the image of the dietitian worldwide has been to work on models of practice for the professionals; models of practice that better reflect client-collaborative care and inter-professional practice.   This workshop is designed to explore the topic in some depth, seeking input from members where these have been successfully implemented.   We are looking to talk about how new models of practice fit with the traditional nutrition care process and ways that ICDA can assist member countries in implementation as well as understanding possible barriers.  

    Workshop on International Dietetics and Nutrition Terminology – implementation issues and strategies
    The Board of the ICDA sees the implementation of the IDNT developed by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly American Dietetic Association) as critical to increasing the quality of outcomes for dietetics professionals across the world. There are many challenges worldwide and this workshop is designed to explore barriers and enablers to implementation. The workshop brings together members from many nations to share ideas and knowledge of implementation. The ICDA is seeking recommendations for action to improve our support to members.

    Workshop on International Accreditation for Dietetics – is there a need?
    The ICDA is often asked to “accredit” or “register” dietetics, especially in countries where dietetics is developing as a new profession. This workshop aims to explore this topic and determine if this is an appropriate goal for ICDA, how it might work, the basis for any such program, and barriers to this type of activity. ICDA is looking to understand the accreditation processes around the world by professional disciplines and to provide advice and guidance to the ICDA on this topic. 

    Workshop on Minimum Standards for Dietetics Education and Practice
    The ICDA has, as part of its strategic plan, a vision to build on the definition of a dietitian with the minimum standards for dietetics education and practice, as part of the program of work to enhance the image of the profession. This workshop is a step in seeking input and views from experienced practitioners from around the world. In the last eight years many developments have happened across the world with a general move towards using competence to practice as an important consideration. This workshop aims to share views and experiences in implementing changes in standards, with a view to commencing a new process for improving upon the current ICDA definitions that make up international standards.

    Workshop on Advancing the Profession – agreed position statements for dietitians
    This workshop is part of the ICDA commitment to the need for worldwide advocacy on food and nutrition through collective action. The purpose of the workshop is to commence the process of developing statements that can be used by dietitians no matter where they are. The ICDA would like to use the principles of the “civil society” approach, which draws on voluntary collective action across country and institutional boundaries. It is hoped that at least one statement can be finalised.
    Workshop on ICDA – Have your say
    The ICDA is an organisation with more than 40 member countries with more than 180,000 members between them. The Board of Directors is composed of individuals elected by the national dietetic associations to work for the international community of dietitians. These Directors are volunteers and do this work in their “own” time. This workshop provides the opportunity for dietitians from anywhere to come and talk to members of the Board of Directors about the ICDA itself, the role of the Directors, opportunities to contribute and raise issues if any.

    Workshop on Advancing the Profession – Marketing Dietitians and Dietetics in an International Arena
    Part of the ICDA mission is to effectively market the profession for its advancement. At present the primary strategy is to use the website and the newsletter (also on the website). However there can be other ways that the ICDA could market the profession. The aim of this workshop is to provide guidance and to develop marketing messages of value in the international arena. The workshop seeks to explore ways that this can be done as well as to develop marketing tools and common statements for the international dietetics community.

    Workshop on International Credentiality and Mobility
    Many dietitians are interested in volunteering, working, studying or carrying out research outside their country. This workshop aims to explore the possibility of international credentiality with reciprocity. ICDA will initiate a healthy dialogue about the need and desire for professional migration. In this workshop, ICDA hopes to discuss on how to proceed with this activity and the possible time frame if taken forward.