Argentina’s AADYND
  • Country – Argentina

    Last September, the Argentinean Association of Dietitians and Nutritionist-Dietitians (Asociación Argentina de Dietistas y Nutricionistas- Dietistas -AADYND) became a new member of the International Confederation of Dietetic Associations (ICDA).  AADYND is a national scientific and professional organization of Dietitians, Nutritionist-Dietitians and Licentiates in Nutrition with a vast trajectory and is now very proud of being part of the international dietetics field through a recognized organization like ICDA. Along with Brazil, Mexico and El Salvador, AADYND is now another Latin American National Dietetic Association (NDA) that has a voice and a representation in the ICDA world.

    AADYND was created in Buenos Aires in March of 1947 by a group of 50 professionals with Lydia Pertusi Esquef and Margarita Santamaria as leaders. The association was born with the spirit to represent and support the dietetic profession and to promote the continuing education of its members. After more than 60 years of distinguished trajectory, AADYND is still today committed to advance the science of nutrition and to promote its translation into healthier lifestyles for Argentineans. One of its main goals is to promote initiatives related to food and nutrition security, identifying and supporting social and economic policies that contribute to the nutritional well-being of the public. The Dietary Guidelines for the Argentinean Population (“Guias Alimentarias para la Población Argentina”) are one of those initiatives. The Guidelines (currently being updated) represent an educative tool designed to address the nutritional problems of Argentinean while respecting their food culture.  


    Figure. Argentinean Dietary Guidelines (Guías Alimentarias para la Población Argentina)


    Members of AADYND are experts in food and nutrition with the professional title of “Licenciado en Nutrición” (Licentiate in Nutrition). In Latin America, “nutritionist” is considered a broader term than “dietitian”, which is barely used. Nutricionista accurately covers our wide scope of practice: clinical nutrition, food service administration, community nutrition, education and research. To be Licentiate in Nutrition, an individual must complete a five-year college degree that includes 800 hours of supervised practice. It is estimated that ten thousand Licentiates in Nutrition are working across the country in many fields and areas: clinical dietetics in hospitals and clinics, long term care, food service management, public health, schools, sport nutrition, consulting services in pharmaceutical and food companies, education, research and in the media, just to name the most common.

    AADYND is also a member of the Argentinean Federation of Graduates in Nutrition (Federación Argentina de Graduados en Nutrición, FAGRAN). The Federation is an organization that brings together 18 dietetic organizations across the country. At the same time, FAGRAN is member of CONFELANyD (Latin American Confederation of Nutritionists and Dietitians) as well as CONUMER (Committee of Nutritionists of the Mercosur), which works on the integration of dietetics education and practice, code of ethics, food standards and food safety among member countries of the Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay).

    With its dynamic leadership and trustworthy scientific strength, AADYND provides continuing education resources and opportunities for professional development, as well as accurate communication of nutrition messages to the public. AADYND has a quarterly peer reviewed publication called DIAETA to communicate scientific knowledge and research in the field of human nutrition at a national and regional level. DIAETA is indexed in LILACS and Scielo Argentina databases, and is also available online in AADYND website. 

    This website,, is also a dynamic tool with colorful sections to provide online continuing education, promote networking, communicate policies and standards, news and events as well as job opportunities. There is also a great presence of AADYND in social media, with more than 5000 followers on Facebook.

    Eighteen years ago AADYND started to organize professional meetings with the goal to promote scientific knowledge exchange and camaraderie between colleagues from Argentina and from overseas. AADYND organizes and participates in national and international dietetic and nutrition conferences.

    AADYND is looking forward to work actively with ICDA and to help foster global partnership among food and nutrition experts with the aim to strengthen the dietetics profession on an international level. Even though regional differences exist, we share similar challenges and opportunities and the same passion for our profession.