Working Group to Develop an International Model for Dietetic Practice
  • A goal of ICDA is to add to the body of international standards of education and good practice. Therefore in June 2011 the Board of Directors of ICDA agreed the terms of reference of a working group to develop an international model for dietetic practice.

    The purpose of this group is to develop a model for practice in the profession of dietetics; which will become an element of the standards of good practice in dietetics. The aim is to ensure that the model defined reflects, and is relevant to, the majority of dietetic practice including public health, patient focussed and food service dietetics.

    There is a growing body of published evidence that demonstrate various benefits from the use of a model of practice. These include being able to clearly  state the dietetic assessment and intervention, developing clear measures of outcomes and impact of dietetic care, providing tools to advance the profession and to become more competitiveand increase the focus on dietetic interventions and the profession.

    The British Dietetic Association (BDA) was approached to chair this working group and was very happy to accept. Dr Louis Goff, Lecturer in Dietetics at Kings College London and Sue Kellie, Head of Education and Professional Development at the BDA will jointly chair the working group.

    They jointly stated ‘We are very pleased to be working with our global dietetic colleagues on this exciting project. This is a wonderful opportunity for the group to obtain the views of dietetic associations around the world to ensure the standards which are produced are relevant to dietetics globally and support the development of high standards of practice.’

    There is currently a call out to ICDA representatives and national associations to identify representatives to the working group and to share any existing models of practice. The first meeting of the group will take place in September 2011 and the completed model will be submitted to the ICDA Board in June 2012.


    Sue Kellie & Louise Goff
    Chairpersons of the Working Group