The Association of Clinical and Public Health Nutritionists in Finland
  • Country – Finland

    The Association of Clinical and Public Health Nutritionists in Finland, RTY, is the educational and professional interest organization for nutritionists in Finland.
    RTY works to promote development in the field of nutrition and health education. It submits proposals and issues statements on nutritional topics of general interest.

    RTY was founded in 1970 and it has grown steadily to its present membership total of almost 700. In addition to this, there are also around 100 student members.

    Members have a Master of Science degree in nutrition, clinical nutrition and food sciences. Many members undertake post-graduate research to a doctoral level. Human nutrition can be studied in two universities in Finland - The University of Helsinki and The University of Eastern Finland (clinical nutrition).

    About half of the members have the competence of a registered dietitian. The competence of dietitians is monitored and controlled by the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health.

    Members of the association work mainly in the following fields - clinical and community health nutrition, research, consultancy, education, industry and catering services. Food industry is a major employer. The number of dietitians working in the health care sector is unfortunately very small in Finland; only about 150 dietitians have managed to occupy themselves in this field. 

    The association celebrated its 40th anniversary last year. The association was founded in order to enable a new profession in Finland, a clinical dietitian. Still, after 40 years one of the main challenges of RTY is to try to strengthen the dietitian workforce resources in Finland.

    RTY publishes a membership journal four times a year. RTY also organizes every year a two-day nutritional congress which gathers around 500 participants from members and also from nurses and medical doctors. The association owns a publishing company which produces leaflets and books on nutritional subjects.

    Besides ICDA membership, the association has co-operation also at the Scandinavian and European levels. 


    Contact person
    Ms. Leena Rechardt, Executive Manager
    The Association of Clinical and Public Health Nutritionists in Finland
    Phone: +358-9-601 6032
    Office address: Pohjoinen Makasiinikatu 6 A 8, 00130 Helsinki, Finland