From the Chair of the ICDA Board of Directors
  • During 2011, the Board of Directors has been working on those activities that we identified in our work program for 2008-2012, within the three key result areas: ICDA Leadership, Strong Networks and Profile for the Profession. These continue to bring our mission to life.

    Since I last reported to you in 2010, the Board has been very active. We have planned nine workshops for the ICD next year, where individuals and associations can actively spend time helping us to achieve our goals of advancing the profession globally. So don’t forget to come along to the ICD and take part in all the fun and activities.

    We have been developing frameworks for our leadership activities. To advance our work in a more timely fashion, the Board made the decision to use existing exemplars and to develop international groups to work on strategic priorities. The first action completed under this new process was the development of a definition of Evidenced Based Practice in Dietetics, now on our website. Don’t forget to keep looking for these statements with international agreement and to use them wherever you can. We have commenced a project on Models of Dietetics Practice being led by the British Dietetic Association, and we continue to contribute to the development of the International Dietetics and Nutrition Terminology (IDNT) led by the American Dietetic Association. In the future we will be commencing work on definitions of Advanced Practice for the international community.

    Our new logo depicts the world within the ICDA and depicts inclusiveness with breadth and actions beyond borders. We now have forty-one members, which collectively is about 180,000 dietitians.

    We have continued to work on developing networks internationally. We have had the opportunity to meet with the Asian Federation of Dietetic Associations (AFDA) and developed a working partnership with the European Federation of Associations of Dietitians (EFAD), around the DIETS program, as well as more recently beginning discussions with Confederation of Latin-American Nutritionists and Dietitians (CONFELANYD) and the Commonwealth Dietitians and Nutritionists Association (CDNA). We continue to participate in the WHO sponsored global network discussions on healthcare issues. All these help to link dietitians together and provide a supportive and assistive environment.

    It is now three years since the 15th ICD in Yokohama. We hope that many of you will be planning to attend the 16th ICD in Sydney. The call for abstracts is now closed with hundreds of abstracts received. The final program will be published soon, so keep a watch for it on the website. We hope that this event will offer a significant opportunity to increase our profile in the media more generally as well. Our Australian and New Zealand members are working very hard on marketing this event. We will also use this opportunity to develop “positions” on topical issues that can be used to enhance our profile, so we need lots of people to come along.

    To finish, I would like to thank all the Board members for their diligence and hard work to get our plans in place during the last year, especially Karen Lechowich from the ADA who is not continuing. We wish her all the best and thank her for her contribution over the last few years. While we have been increasing our profile, participating in global networks on health care and working with and supporting other geographical dietetics groups we need you, our members, to help us. We need your ideas and feedback on what we are doing. We need you to tell us what you are doing and what you want to see us do. That way, our mission will really come to life.


    Sandra Capra
    Chairperson, Board of Directors