The Dietitian Workforce in Canada
  • Country – Canada


    Dietitians of Canada in collaboration with the provincial dietetic registration organizations conducted workforce surveys by province and territories from 2007 to 2011. The resulting Meta-Analysis Report identifies workforce issues affecting the profession.

    Some key findings from the pooled data include:

    • the majority of respondents (45%) worked in the clinical area of practice
    • the majority of respondents worked full time
    • some respondents work in more than one area of practice
    • 95 to 100% of respondents were female
    • about 50% of respondents indicated they will retire within 10 years and most respondents plan to retire before age 60
    • few respondents received coverage for absences greater than three days; clients waited their return for services which contributed to workload dissatisfaction
    • all provinces and territories had difficult-to-fill vacancies (vacant more than 90 days); vacancy problems may be compounded when the retirement wave hits
    • there were mixed scores regarding satisfaction with earnings and opportunities for advancement
    • over half of respondents served as preceptors training dietetics students

    Existing dietitian shortages in all areas of the country, the impending increase in vacancies owing to retirement of 50% of respondents, population growth and new job creation in the areas of chronic disease management, food supply and specialized nutrition care reveal an urgent need to increase training capacity for dietitians in Canada.

    The full report is available on the DC web site at