Communication and Marketing Activities in DAA
  • Country - Australia

    The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) is thrilled to have the opportunity to update ICDA colleagues on our recent initiatives. In this issue, I’d like to focus on some of the Association’s communications and marketing activities that are helping us achieve our strategic goals.

    DAA represents more than 4,500 members and is the leading nutrition organisation in Australia. We are devoted to supporting our members, and advocating for better food, better health and wellbeing for all.

    The objectives of DAA’s communication and marketing activities are to:

    • Increase awareness of DAA as the leading nutrition organisation in Australia
    • Increase awareness of Accredited Practising Dietitians (APDs) as the experts in nutrition
    • Promote the diversity and expertise of DAA members
    • Enhance communication between and to all members
    • Expand the partnership and sponsorship base
    • Communicate accurate and practical nutrition information to Australians 

    DAA’s consumer advertising campaign

    Earlier this year, DAA launched a new advertising campaign to encourage Australians to take control of their health – with the help of an APD. Our affectionately-titled ‘fit man’ ad is the first in a series of advertisements that we’ll be rolling out over the coming years. While not our first choice as dietitians, ‘fit man’ was an overwhelming favourite among consumers – our target audience.

    The campaign kicked-off in late January in Australia’s Sunday newspapers and is currently being rolled out in magazines. We evaluate our consumer advertising activities each year, through an annual Newspoll survey. It will be interesting to see the results of measures such as awareness of DAA and awareness of APDs when we conduct the 2011 survey later this year.

    Our advertising activities are making a difference. Between 2006 and 2010, we saw awareness of APDs among the public rise from 35 to 38 per cent. We also track referral rates to dietitians from general practitioners, and consumer consultations by dietitians in private practice – and both measures have also increased over the same period.

    Australia’s Healthy Weight Week

    Earlier this year, DAA hosted the fourth annual Australia’s Healthy Weight Week (AHWW) campaign. This forms part of DAA’s broader Obesity Strategy and encourages Australians to seek expert advice and support on healthy eating and weight management from an APD.

    Held in the last week of January each year, the campaign involves:

    • A dedicated AHWW website: and Twitter engagement via:
    • Promotional activities – including television community service announcements and public events held by DAA members
    • Promotional materials – such as AHWW brochures and posters, and nutrition fact sheets 
    • Media communications
    • Partnerships and sponsorships.  

    Consumer research has shown a greater awareness of DAA and APDs as of result of the campaign. Awareness of dietitians jumped from 45 to 50 per cent after the 2011 AHWW campaign. The campaign is also driving consumers to the DAA website, with visits to the website during January 2011 nine per cent higher than the average monthly visits during 2010. And media interest in AHWW has grown year-on-year.  

    DAA Media Spokesperson’s Program

    Since its inception in 1999, the DAA Spokesperson’s Program has significantly grown and developed to now be a key part of DAA’s core business. DAA has 18 media-trained Spokespeople, based across Australia.

    Each year, DAA and DAA Spokespeople make more of an impact in communicating accurate and practical nutrition information to the Australian public via the media, and promoting APDs as the experts in nutrition. During 2010, DAA was contacted by the media 756 times (compared with 548 times three years prior to this, in 2007).

    Our Spokesperson’s Program involves:

    • Briefing and debriefing with spokespeople before and after media interviews
    • Providing annual media training for spokespeople
    • Developing and updating DAA key message documents and ‘Interview Road Maps’ on issues that are important to the association or topical in the media
    • Maintaining a ‘Spokesperson’s Only’ section of the DAA website, which houses key message documents and other relevant information for spokespeople
    • Facilitating a spokesperson’s email discussion group
    • Holding an annual spokesperson’s teleconference
    • Communicating with spokespeople through a monthly ‘Spokesperson’s Update’ email.


    Claire Hewat, CEO
    Dietitians Association of Australia