Brazilian Congress of Nutrition – CONBRAN - 52 Years of Evolution
  • Country – Brazil

    The Brazilian Association of Nutrition – ASBRAN is a non-profit society that brings together nutritionists and technicians in nutrition and dietetics. Nationwide, it is made up of members affiliated to the Association of Nutrition in the states. It has currently 12 state-affiliated entities.

    ASBRAN, established on August 31, 1949, in Rio de Janeiro, aims to promote training and the strengthening of specialization of the nutritionists, encouraging research and contributing to the dissemination of nutrition information in Brazil, so that this science and its professionals are recognized as fundamental to the health of people.

    Since its founding, the Association has discussed main issues related to food and nutrition in Brazil and its impact on people and society,including the development of public policies. The responsibility taken by ASBRAN for the activities mentioned and the importance of the issues that fall under national and international agenda makes ASBRAN to carry out the Brazilian Congress of Nutrition – CONBRAN, as a forum for updates on technical and scientific issues and debates about trends in food and nutrition problems and its action programs. It is an international event held in partnership with ASBRAN and its Nutrition Association Members, with a theme that is defined according to the political mood of nutrition in Brazil and in the world that takes place every two years (even years).

    The First Brazilian Congress of Nutritionists took place in 1958 (in 1982, its name was changed to the Brazilian Congress of Nutrition - CONBRAN) in the city of Rio de Janeiro, capital of Brazil. This event brought together approximately 500 nutritionists and other professionals in the field of food and nutrition.

    The central theme of CONBRAN 2006 was "Food and Nutrition in the Millennium Development Goals", understanding that professionals should be updated and prepared to meet the expectations of civil society and continuously discuss the problems that affect the Brazilian population within our historical and political context. This reinforced ASBRAN`s commitment to the Millennium Declaration, which was approved by the United Nations in September 2000, which established a covenant of shared commitment to sustainability of the planet.

    The Millennium Development Goals are a set of eight macro-objectives to be achieved by the countries by the year 2015, through concrete actions of governments and society. In this sense, under the theme "The Millennium Development Goals - Food and Nutrition" CONBRAN from 2006 was constituted as a forum for technical and scientific updates and debates about trends and its programs and specific needs of action. Since then, the CONBRAN has focused on its theme in the Millennium Development Goals.

    Celebrating the 21st edition and 52 years in 2010, the CONBRAN innovated with the launch of two parallel international events the First Iberian-American Congress of Nutrition and the First Latin American Sports Nutrition Symposium, bringing together more than 3,000 professionals and students from Brazil and other eleven Iberian-American countries who work in different fields of nutrition. The theme was "Food and Nutrition - Partnerships for sustainable development". They also created the Meeting of Iberian-American Association of Nutritionists and Dietitians which is now an Alliance. Parallel events were held, such as First post-graduate evaluation in Food and Nutrition Seminar, Exponutri, with over 40 exhibitors, Satellite Symposium, cultural attraction, Tent Josué de Castro, Nutrition Interaction, Nutrition Cinema, Nutrition Knowledge and the meetings of the nutrition entities (Associations, Councils, Unions, and others) and networks.

    A total of eight meetings of entities and networks were held, 32 roundtables, 22 symposia, eight workshops, six pre-congress courses, four satellite symposia, 13 lectures and countless exchanges of experiences.

    The final plenary of CONBRAN approved a letter to the governments and the Brazilian authorities with recommendations for the development of actions, programs and policies on food and nutrition and food security and nutrition, to improve the quality of life and the Human Right to Adequate Food. It is an opportunity to assess the Food and Nutrition, and Food Security in Brazil, as a generator of changes and the exchange of experiences among researchers, professionals and students.

    CONBRAN 2012 will include the XXII Brazilian Congress of Nutrition, The Third Iberian-American Congress of Nutrition, The Second Iberian-American symposium of the Sports Nutrition and the launch of the First Iberian-American Symposium in Meal Production and The First Iberian-American Symposium of Clinical Nutrition based in Evidences. This 22nd edition will have as its theme "Adequate Food and Social Sustainability" and it will be held from 26th to September 29th, 2012, in Recife / Pernambuco. Information about the event, as well as the table entry, programming, and historical lectures can be found on the site