Indonesian Dietetic Association (IDA)
  • Country – Indonesia

    Dietetic service in Indonesia was initiated in 1952 when for the first time 2 nutritionists were placed in a job at the Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital Jakarta to manage food service. Later on, in 1957, the nutritionists developed and initiated a Nutrition Clinic where nutrition consultation and counseling was given to the patient referred by mostly the internist. Nutrition and Dietetic Department at the hospital was then developed in 1961 in order to organize all nutrition and dietetic service.

    As the number of nutritionists working at the hospitals and other dietetic related areas increased with time, Indonesian Dietetic Communication Forum (IDCF) was initiated in 1992 as the media of information exchange between nutritionists and dietitians. In 1994, Indonesian Nutrition Association (INA) hand in hand with IDCF organized and hosted the 1st Asian Federation of Dietetic Association (AFDA) Congress in Jakarta.

    Indonesia recorded a history as the 1st host country of dietetic congress in Asia. Since that time, Indonesian Dietetic Forum was revitalized and redeveloped to become Indonesian Dietetic Association (IDA). The President of INA then declared and legalized IDA as an autonomic professional organization for dietetics on 11th August 2001. The President of IDA and the Chairpersons of its branches in West Java, Central Java, Special Territory of Jogjakarta, East Java, South Sulawesi and Jambi were officially declared by the President of INA during its Congress in 2002 held in Jakarta.

    Objectives of IDA:

    • Development professional autonomy amongst dietitians.
    • Organize and increase cohesive communication and relation amongst dietitians throughout Indonesia.
    • Increase knowledge, skill and attitude of dietitians in dietetics, nutrition care, and food service.
    • Network with other professionals nationally and internationally.


    • Host scientific meetings regularly at the regional, national and international levels such as:
      • National Scientific Meeting (NSM):
        • 1st NSM in 2003 in Jogjakarta, Jogjakarta Special Territory.
        • 2nd NSM in 2005 in Bandung, West Java.
        • 3rd NSM in 2008 in Semarang, Central Java
        • 4th NSM in 2011 in Jakarta, National Capital Territory
      • Hosted 1st Asian Congress on Dietetics (ACD) in 1994 in Jakarta and International Dietetics Update in 2009 in Jogjakarta.
    • Increase involvement of dietitians in scientific and applied research on dietetics, nutritional care, and food service.
    • Develop programs like Continuing Nutritional Development (CND) & Continuing Nutritional Education (CNE).
    • Publish bulletin and scientific journal e.g. Media Dietetik.
    • Enhance government’s efforts in making Healthy Indonesia paradigm into action and other related dietetic, nutrition care and food service program.

    Contact person:

    Dr Martalena br Purba
    Nutrition Department Dr Sardjito Hospital
    Jalan Kesehatan, Sekip no 1 Jogjakarta, Indonesia 55284

    Phone: 62-274-864627
    Facsimile:         62-274-565639
    Mobile: 62-08122789048
    Email: or

    Official address: Nutrition Department Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital,
    Jalan Diponegoro no 71 Jakarta, Indonesia 10430,

    Phone/ Fax: 62-21-31902959; Email: