From the Chair of the Board
  • Welcome to 2011. I hope you all had a successful 2010 and that 2011 has started well for everyone. Your Board of Directors is excited by the new year, after a very successful 2010 for ICDA. We hope you like the new web pages, and thanks to all of you for providing the information about member associations. The new website we think is appealing and easier to you. It marks a change in our focus from looking back at our history, to looking forward to our achievements as a profession world wide. The new logo we feel really captures this focus.

    We would like to welcome our new member since our last newsletter; the Indonesian Dietetic Association and the Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society. This brings our members to 41 representing 180,000 dietitians around the world. If you look at our website and the world map you can see the world wide network this represents – fantastic, and a sign of our growth and influence as a profession.

    The Board is excited to be able to share with you the latest in our documents that are international consensus on dietetics matters. This is the definition of Evidence-based Dietetic Practice. This was ratified by the Board at its meeting in November and joins the definition of a dietitian, the international code of good practice and ethics as agreed international positions. Dietitians from 16 of our member countries participated in formulating the definition under the leadership of Dietitians of Canada. The definition is Evidence-based dietetic practice is about asking questions, systematically finding research evidence, and assessing the validity, applicability and importance of that evidence before combining it with clinical expertise and judgment and the client’s or community’s unique values and circumstances to guide decision-making in dietetics. We hope you will find this useful in your practice.

    Also at our recent Board meetings, we have reviewed our action plans and achievements within the three key result areas: ICDA Leadership, Strong Networks and Profile for the Profession. We feel that real progress has been made in all three areas. We have forged links with the regional dietetic associations and more recently participated in the meeting to establish the Commonwealth Dietitians and Nutritionists Association. By working collaboratively with these groups we aim to build strong partnerships and promote key messages and not to re-do work that exists. This is the way that we can all benefit as we can draw on strength and expertise in these groups.

    It’s time to start planning your trip to Sydney in 2012 for the 16th ICD. Plans are well advanced and the call for abstracts and proposals is now on the web. As usual, the Board is planning the workshop for official representatives immediately before the ICD and you will be getting information from us for this, later this year. We will also be seeking your support in providing us with information we need prior to this meeting. It’s also time for you to be thinking about whether your NDA should consider bidding to host the 18th ICD in 2020.

    We look forward to a productive 2011. I am sure you will agree with us that the ICDA has matured as an association and is able to achieve much for the profession. Don’t forget to give us ideas and feedback – all is very welcome.

    Sandra Capra

    Chair, Board of Directors