The British Dietetic Association Celebrates 75 years
  • Country – UK

    2011 is an important year for the British Dietetic Association. In 1936 a group of dietitians met to propose the setting up of an association of dietitians in the UK. Exactly 75 years later on 24th January 2011, Council of the BDA met in the Grand Committee Room of St Thomas Hospital, the same location as the first meeting of the Association. This provided us with the perfect opportunity to reflect on the history and development of the profession in the UK and with excitement, look to the future.

    Over the 75 years we have developed from the initial 40 members to a vibrant association of 6700 dietitians, dietetic support workers and nutritionists who work together on behalf of the BDA and the profession to promote the science and practice of dietetics and demonstrate how dietitians are leaders in nutrition and healthcare and improve the health of the population.

    To mark this auspicious occasion The British Dietetic Association Conference & Exhibition 2011, 9-11 May 2011, has taken as its theme Influence with Impact; and aims to highlight how Dietitians across the UK are demonstrating their value in a wide variety of clinical areas and care settings.

    The BDA national conference is the most important gathering of its kind in the UK, addressing the big questions facing the profession now and in the years ahead. The event regularly attracts in the region of 450 attendees, making it is an annual fixture for dietitians practicing at all levels.

    This year’s event takes place in central London – with a direct Metro connection from Heathrow airport and just 30 minutes from the Eurostar terminal.

    The aim of the conference is to showcase exemplary and innovative practice, enhance knowledge, facilitate networking and develop creative approaches to service delivery across all sectors in which Dietitians have a role.

    Conference Highlights:

    • Celebrating 75 years of the BDA.
    • Showcase of innovative practice and dietetic expertise.
    • Live demonstrations of Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition – the global resource for nutrition practice.
    • Who’s responsible for our health? Discussion and debate from social commentators, the food industry, academics and food retailers.
    • Inspiration from this year’s BDA award winners and Awards Dinner.
    • Developing and capturing measurable outcomes – join UK Dietitians to populate the BDA’s dietetic outcomes framework toolkit to agree appropriate measurements in all practice areas.
    • Influencing the wider agenda – getting involved with new research, policy, private practice, and the food industry.
    • Adapting services in a challenging healthcare environment – marketing and business skills for Dietitians.
    • Latest research including poster hotspots.

    This will be delivered to delegates through an impressive speaker line-up from within and outside of the profession, interactive workshops and discussions. For full programme details and to register go to

    International Membership of the British Dietetic Association

    The British Dietetic Association is very pleased to announce a new category of membership – the International member.

    The International Members category has been developed to encourage sharing of nutrition and dietetic practice across the world. If you:

    • have undertaken recognised education and training in nutrition and dietetics outside of the UK,
    • are not currently registered in the UK and are not practicing in the UK ,
    • are a full member of a dietetic association recognised by ICDA or EFAD or a member of a dietetics association which has similar aims to the BDA,
    you are eligible for International Membership.

    The benefits of being an international member of the BDA include access to the members website and all the professional guidance and advice contained therein; members’ rates to attend BDA events such as the BDA Conference and Exhibition and membership of BDA specialist groups – the BDA networks of dietitians practicing in specialist areas such as cancer, paediatrics, food service, kidney disease, obesity and diabetes.

    For further information on joining the BDA go to and click on ‘Joining the BDA’

    In this, our 76th year, we look forward to welcoming dietetic friends from across the world as members of the Association and to our Conference and Exhibition in London.

    Carole Middleton