Secretary’s Report
    Secretariat Report
    Vol. 17 Issue 2
    Announcing new members

    The Board of Directors recently approved member applications from the Asociación de Nutricionistas y Dietistas de El Salvador (ASONDES) and Associação Brasileira de Nutrição (ASBRAN). A warm welcome is extended to our colleagues in Brazil and El Salvador!

    Both national dietetic associations qualify as recipients of the new ICDA Welcome Fund described in the Chair’s Report in this newsletter. National dietetic associations which meet the criteria for membership in ICDA and that have not been a member of ICDA within the past three years are eligible recipients of a Welcome Fund Grant made available through the American Dietetic Association Foundation. For further information about ICDA membership and the Welcome Fund for national dietetic associations, contact the ICDA Secretariat at http://www.internationaldietetics.org/contact.asp

    We are pleased to report that forty (40) national dietetic associations are members of ICDA.

    New ICDA web site to be launched in November

    The new ICDA web site includes both a fresh face for the profession and our international organization as well as new technology to support ICDA communications, to raise awareness and promote ICDA’s work on international standards undertaken in collaboration with members, and to facilitate dietitian-to-dietitian networking. For site users it will be easier to find information, such as ICDA’s ongoing studies on the education and work of dietitians and international standards of good practice, the upcoming International Congress of Dietetics and reports from member countries published in the ICDA newsletter Dietetics Around the World. The new web site will provide more information about the national dietetic associations that shape ICDA and our profession on a global basis. A new discussion forum will be easier to use and it will allow dietitians to set up more specialized discussion groups. As in the past, specialized discussion groups will each require a moderator who agrees to assist with managing the forum. The web site URL will remain the same; remember to visit http://www.internationaldietetics.org often to stay abreast of developments of the profession and your global colleagues.

    Annual Meeting of Member Associations

    As required by our articles of incorporation (Canada) the annual meeting is being held in September. Up to two Representatives appointed by the Board of Directors of each national dietetic association that is a Member of ICDA will participate in the meeting by teleconference. At the annual meeting new members are welcomed, the Board of Directors provides reports on the progress and financial health of ICDA and a few key decisions are made by those in attendance, such as the appointment of the auditors. Official Representatives have committed to share news from ICDA with their national dietetic associations.