National Association Reports
    Indian Dietetic Association Upgrades Its Website – www.idaindia.com
    Vol. 17 Issue 2
    Country: India
    The Indian Dietetic Association (IDA) had launched its website in December 2003, at the thirty sixth Annual National Conference. It was then a static website which gave information on the Registration Board, related information about the registration exam and how to become a registered dietitian. It also listed information on all the local chapters of IDA, with contact details of chapter presidents. The facility to download the life membership form was available on the website.

    From time to time the website was slightly modified and new information was being added on. The traffic to the website was constantly increasing and the contact persons were faced with questions on several details that were not on the website.

    Soon the need for upgrading the website and giving it a facelift was felt. The task was taken up by Ms.Sheela Krishnaswamy and Dr. Dharini Krishnan. After several weeks of co-ordination and commitment, the upgraded website went live in August 2010. The website url is http://www.idaindia.com

    The new website has brighter colours and a user friendly interface. The focus has shifted towards IDA on the whole, as against the focus on the Registration Board previously.
    Some of the features of the upgraded IDA website –

    ‘Registration Board’ section gives all details related to the registration exam. Standardisation has been created by conducting a workshop called ‘Train the Trainers’, so that the internship for the registration is uniform in all hospitals. Hospitals where dietitians can take their internship, sample question papers, detailed syllabus and text books for reference have been listed.

    Names of all registered dietitians in India have been listed on the website.
    An advertising section has been created for nutrition related companies to place their advertisements.

    The ‘About Us’ section talks about the executive committee, awards and prizes.

    The feedback / contact us section gives the user an opportunity to reach the Board for any queries related to IDA.

    The ‘sign-in’ section is the interactive part of the website, where each life member will be given a login and password. This will allow the life members to read the Journal of the IDA called JIDA, when it goes online. We are planning to have a community section where life members of the association can voice their opinion, brainstorm, exchange news, views and information related to the profession.

    In future, we hope to address the needs of our community by upgrading our website from time to time.

    Dr. Dharini Krishnan
    National President
    Indian Dietetic Association