Feature Article
    From the Chair of the Board of Directors
    Vol. 17 Issue 2
    During 2010, the Board of Directors has been working on those activities that we identified in our work program for 2008-2012, within the three key result areas: ICDA Leadership, Strong Networks and Profile for the Profession. These continue to bring our mission to life.

    As part of our plan under Leadership, we have been promoting membership of ICDA more widely and have welcomed several new members this year. We sincerely thank the American Dietetic Association Foundation who will be establishing a named Welcome Fund to assist those dietetic associations which may be just starting out, or where the profession is quite small, to be able to join ICDA. We recognise that in times of financial crisis such as we have recently seen, or where organisations are new and developing, that there can be real barriers to joining, so this should be a really big help. The details of how to access these funds will be on our website soon. To be able to join ICDA is an important step for dietetic associations and we are really pleased to be able to offer this additional help. A very big “thank you” to the ADAF for this.

    This year we have also been working on our communication network. We have commissioned a new logo and upgraded our website. After many years we saw that this was necessary. Our old image and logo has served us well, but needed refreshing. We felt that the website did not always make it easy to find out about our great developments, so that an upgrade was necessary. So our new site being launched this year will make finding our materials and information easier for everyone which will enhance sharing. Member associations are welcome to use the logo in publicising ICDA and linking with us. You can put it on your masthead on your web for example. Specific details of its use will be on the site, but if you have any queries about its use just contact us. We are excited about the new concept which strengthens our image of the whole world.

    We have also been advancing our work on the International Dietetics and Nutrition Terminology and developing an international understanding of Evidence Based Practice. These represent really important international tools which will be able to advance the profession and our professional standing worldwide. More information about both these programs is on our website, so make sure you take a look at these.

    To finish I would like to thank all the Board members for their diligence and hard work to get our plans in place during the last year. We have been increasing our profile, participating in the WHO global networks on health care, working with and supporting other geographical dietetics groups, such as the European, Asian and Latin American Federations of Dietetic Associations. However, we need you, our members, to help us. We need your ideas and feedback on what we are doing. We need you to tell us what you are doing and what you want to see us do. That way, our mission will really come to life.

    Sandra Capra
    Chair, Board of Directors