National Association Reports
    Why did we change from ‘Dietetic’ to ‘Dietitians’?
    Vol. 17 Issue 1
    Country: New Zealand
    Dietitians New Zealand (formerly New Zealand Dietetic Association) is being launched this month after a review of the constitution in 2009. Focus groups and survey data showed a clear preference for the practitioner title rather than the area of practice to be visible in our name. Raising the profile of dietitians was seen as an important means of achieving the objectives of the association and the word dietetic was not well understood in the wider community. 

    One of the key actions for this year is to increase introduce ‘Dietitians NZ’ and in so doing to increase an understanding of how dietitians can help in diverse ways. 

    We have retained our visual identity by incorporating core features of the old NZDA logo into the new logo. 

    We are looking forward to a very positive year ahead where we will be engaging with members and stakeholders in a Strategic Planning exercise. Best wishes to other ‘Dietetic’ and ‘Dietitians’ associations for the new decade.

    Jan Milne – Executive Director
    Dietitians NZ