• National Association Reports
    Turkish Dietetic Association (TDA) and the media are hand-in-hand in Turkey
    Vol. 17 Issue 1
    Country: Turkey
    TDA reaches out to the public through the media to increase awareness on nutrition. Some of the TDA media studies in recent months include - 
    Healthy nutrition for religious feast, Healthy child nutrition and increasing parents awareness of their children’s weight problems, World Food day 2009, Nutrition recommendations for prevention from H1N1 (Swine Flu), Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), Psychological and philosophical dimensions of Obesity, Nutrition Problems in the Handicapped People, Nutrition in Examination Period, Fasting and Nutrition, Nutrition for school children and Food safety at World Nutrient Day. 

    Our association also focuses on social and artistic activities in addition to scientific activities. For example, "Dietitian Painters Exhibition" was conducted successfully. Trips to the world-famous mountain Nemrut, historical Castle and archaeological museum in Gaziantep, Turkey, were organized recently.

    A Note on Turkish Dietetic Association

    The training of dietitians started in Turkey in 1962. Today, there are 14 universities offering “Nutrition and Dietetic Training” within Republic of Turkey.

    The Turkish Dietetic Association (TDA) was constituted in the year 1969. In 1970, our periodical called “Nutrition and Diet” was published and continues to date. 

    TDA and its branch offices have experienced an activity-intensive year in 2009. Some of these activities are – Clinical Nutrition Support, Gaziantep Nutrition and Dietetic Days, Sports Nutrition Strategies, Bariatric Surgery and Nutrition Approach in Morbid Obesity, Sports Nutrition, Nutrition Strategies in Kidney Diseases, Nutrition with Cancer, Food-Drug Interaction and Carbohydrates Count in Diabetes Treatment.