• National Association Reports
    Introducing the AEDN
    Vol. 17 Issue 1
    Country: Spain
    The Dietician-Nutritionist profession started recently in Spain, and faces many challenges ahead. This is why the AEDN Spanish Association of Dieticians-Nutritionists) was greatly surprised and happy to be appointed the organising body of the seventeenth Congress of the ICDA to be held in Granada in the year 2016 and which, undoubtedly, will be the final recognition of the group of dieticians-nutritionists.

    We wish to introduce the AEDN and its activities in our first contribution to the newsletter.

    The AEDN was founded in 1988 with the aim of making it possible for a university degree in nutrition to be obtained, which was finally achieved in the year 1998. Then came two big challenges: creating the General Board of Dieticians-Nutritionists and getting the professional included in the Public Health System. 

    Regional associations of dieticians-nutritionists were set up, and the presidents of regional associations have formed part of the AEDN’s governing board since 2006. A common logo has been created that represents the profession and helps to promote corporatism. 

    Each of these associations is working on creating the Official Regional Colleges and currently, we have 6 Official Colleges. The General Board of Official Colleges of Dieticians-Nutritionists for Spain, a group which will be of tremendous help for the profession to develop and which will serve as an only interlocutor, will be created shortly. 

    Apart from these, the AEDN is actively working on the European Area of Higher Education for nutrition and dietetics degree certificates from different universities for professionals to be of the highest possible quality. In addition, continuous training is offered, the journal “Actividad Dietetica” is published, congresses are organised every six months and, recently, the first postgraduate university course endorsed by the AEDN and only meant for dieticians-nutritionists was presented. 

    As a result of these efforts of many years, the AEDN is becoming the association of reference for the food industry. The industry chooses AEDN as its first option when preparing its publicity campaigns, thanks to the seriousness of our work and to the work of the Revision, Study and Positioning Group (GREP-AEDN).

    With the purpose of facing the new challenges, 17 work committees have been set up, one of which will be organising the II AEDN Forum to be held in November, 2010 where the strategic lines for the next few years will be drawn up. 

    Collaboration with the food and pharmaceutical industries – 
    An example of the work carried out is the collaboration with the food and pharmaceutical industries that place their trust in the AEDN as a consultant organisation for their products and as an organization that disseminates their novelties to everyone associated, which is a total of about 3,500. For the company, contacting the AEDN means reaching almost all the dieticians-nutritionists who are currently working in our country. 

    Our presence at key points –
    * The AEDN is present wherever there is a nutritional or dietetic issue which has to be assessed or studied. It has recently taken part in activities for a cardio-healthy life program organised by the Spanish Heart Foundation.
    * AEDN is a member of FESNAD (Spanish Federation of Nutrition, Food and Dietetic Companies) and also participates in their program. 
    * In its endeavour to defend the citizens’ interests, AEDN has signed a collaboration agreement with the Communication Users Association in order to guarantee full, authentic and scientific information on food habits. 
    * The “5 a day” Association has also placed its trust in AEDN for it to play a key part of its assessment committee in promoting the consumption of fruits and vegetables among the Spanish population. 
    * The Eroski Foundation regularly collaborates with our dieticians-nutritionists for its food projects. 
    * The First Team Foundation and the AEDN have also signed an agreement to encourage training in nutrition and health among the foundation’s members. 

    Services for the member –
    * Publication of the scientific journal “Actividad Dietetica”. The dieticians-nutritionists are urged to publish their works and research in this publication. 
    * Publication of the profession’s “Newsletter”, a practical document in which the activities carried out by the AEDN and the Regional Associations and Colleges are summarised to keep members informed. 
    * Access to the private area of the AEDN’s website where information is found that is only meant for members. 
    * Access to job vacancies on a national scale.
    * Access to a Third Party Insurance negotiated on a national scale with interesting coverage. 
    * Access to the Easy Diet by Bicentury, an on-line software only for members of the AEDN.
    * Free on-line registration for access to the Journal of the American Dietetic Association.
    * Scientific assessment from the GREP (Revision, Study and Positioning Group).
    * Membership of the EFAD and the ICDA.
    * Continuous training of relevant subjects.
    * Discounts in training and registration for congresses and courses.