• Feature Article
    From the Chair of the Board
    Vol. 17 Issue 1
    Happy New Year and welcome to 2010, our 58th year. We have come such a long way in that time both as an organisation and as a profession. During the last six months we have commenced our effort in two areas, both of which are reported on in this edition. Dietitians of Canada have commenced the work on moving forward on evidence based practice and we have participated in the WHO Global Network initiative. Please read the reports of both of these activities – they are a great start to implementing our plans for the next four years.

    Also as part of our strategic plan we agreed to modernise our logo and then our website to make it more user friendly and a little more contemporary. The Board received six proposals to undertake the logo re-design and selected Rivet Design Studio of India to do the work, so watch this space for our new material!

    Our colleagues from the European Federation of Associations of Dietitians (EFAD) received disappointing news when it did not receive the additional funding requested to proceed with the program on dietetics education and standards in Europe that has been in progress for the last few years. ICDA was a partner group in that application and has continued support by joining as a partner in the new application that EFAD has lodged in 2010. This is an example of how we believe the groups of dietetics associations can pool strength to advantage us all. 

    During this year we will be continuing to work on our strategic plan and encouraging new members throughout the world. By working together we hope to realise our mission. I am sure you will agree that the articles in this edition of our newsletter highlights how our colleagues around the world are improving the health and welfare of the citizens of their country and making a great contribution to dietetics around the world.

    All best wishes for the year!

    Sandra Capra
    Chair, Board of Directors