• Secretary’s Report
    Secretariat Report
    Vol. 16 Issue 2
    New member - The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that a national dietetic association in Nigeria has joined ICDA. The Dietitians Association of Nigeria has approximately 200 members. The Aim of the Association is to promote the study and clinical practice of the profession in its widest sense. Some immediate priorities are: To advance the knowledge and techniques and development of dietetics as a means of promoting good health; to enhance DAN publications (e.g. Journal, newsletter, web site) as a means of enhancing the profile of the profession in Nigeria; and to ensure the Dietitians Registration Board Bill is enacted in law. Welcome to the Dietitians of Nigeria!

    ICDA Strategic Plan 2009 – 2012 - The Board of Directors has developed a strategic plan to 2012 based on input from national dietetic association Members of ICDA. The plan will drive ICDA actions to achieve results in three key areas: ICDA Leadership; Strong Network; and Profile for the Profession.

    ICDA Leadership
    Goal: stronger leadership within and of ICDA 
    • Representation on key international groups impacting on food, nutrition and dietetics
    • Foster alliances with international health professional groups/associations
    • Increase participation in the development of relevant international policy and programs
    • Build ICDA leadership capacity
    • Encourage more national dietetic associations to join.

    Strong Network 
    Goal: stronger integrated communication systems
    • Build and maintain the network of national dietetic associations
    • Enhance information technology capacity (e.g. for studies, for policy development)
    • Build common language
    • Build the knowledge base (e.g. role statements)
    • Develop the networking and collaborative action of the Congress 
    • Meeting of national dietetic association Representatives between Congresses 
    • Support and encourage communications between and among national dietetic associations

    Profile for the Profession 
    Goal: Enhanced image for the Profession with others (external focus)
    • Develop international standards of education, training and practice
    • Promote ICDA international standards 
    • Ongoing study of dietetics education, standards and practice
    • Use Congress as a key professional development event. 

    To follow developments for the 2012 International Congress of Dietetics to be held in Sydney, Australia September 5 through 8, 2012 be sure to visit the ICD 2012 website athttp://www.icd2012.com . The ICD 2012 theme is LEAP: Leadership, Evidence and Advancing Practice.

    Annual meeting of member associations - the third annual meeting of national dietetic association members of ICDA will take place by teleconference on September 29th. We hope that most of the approximately 40 ICDA national dietetic associations who are members of ICDA will be represented to hear reports from the Board of Directors and to deal with other matters of ICDA business. National dietetic association Representatives serve as a primary communication link between ICDA and national dietetic associations and their members. The Representative of each national dietetic association to ICDA is listed on the ICDA web site (url for member association page). From Representatives learn more about ICDA activities under each priority in the strategic plan.