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    Establishment of the “Review and Positioning Group of the Spanish Association of Diettitians-Nutritionists” (GREP/AED-N)
    Vol. 16 Issue 2
    The review and positioning group of the Spanish Association of Dietitians-Nutritionists (GREP / AED-N) is a newly formed group within the Spanish Association of Dietitians/Nutritionists (AEDN) which is responsible for activities such as:

    • Preparing scientific positioning documents.
    • Translating and adapting consensus documents
    • Creating tools for food and nutrition education useful for dietitians/nutritionists.
    • Updating library (books and journals) resources.
    • Writing articles in the journal “Dietetics Activity” and other journals.
    • Actively participating in national scientific committees on nutrition and dietetics.
    • Acting as the Scientific Advisory Committee of the AEDN, including providing advice to dietitians on their relationships with industry or other national organizations.

    Head: Eduard Baladía
    Members: Eduard Baladía, Julio Basulto, María Manera & Raúl Bescós