• Feature Article
    From the Chair of the Board
    Vol. 16 Issue 2
    The Board of Directors sets the direction of ICDA for the next 4 years.

    In April, The Board met in Turkey to work on the strategic and action plans for the period 2008-2012. Thank you so much to the Turkish Dietetic Association whose hospitality was just wonderful. We were able to move forward on a range of issues which I would like to share with all our members. I hope you will be as excited as we are with the direction that we want to follow. The new plan continues to bring our mission to life. We will need all our members to make this happen and will be needing your input even more than we have in the past.

    Why is this important? We think that by making the plans more formal, we will be able to monitor our progress more closely. We have been really excited to have the platform of our definitions, standards and codes of good practice now in place. We want to build on this foundation to make sure the profession achieves its rightful place in improving health. Together we can learn from each other and we can support each other. 

    We have selected three key result areas: ICDA Leadership, Strong Networks and Profile for the Profession. Under each of these areas we have identified strategies and actions that will help us, and then action plans with timelines and outcomes. The full plan will be on the website – so don’t forget to have a look at it.

    Just to give you some examples, under Leadership, we want to develop a framework for leadership – how we can work better together within ICDA. One action is to promote membership of ICDA more widely. Under Strong Networks we want to strengthen communication and one action is to enhance our website and a second is to identify ways to fund yearly meetings of the national representatives. Under Profile for the Profession, we want to increase our representation at international meetings. You can see these are ambitious plans but we are confident that we can progress them.

    The Board has also determined that where one of our members is already a leader in an activity, we will support and promote that activity, rather than trying to develop our “own”. The first of these is the International Dietetics and Nutrition Terminology developed by the American Dietetic Association. The ICDA is pleased to support and promote this as a major way forward for the profession. We have asked Dietitians of Canada to take leadership in the development of our first international position, which will be the development of a definition for evidence based practice. We feel that these actions will promote dietetics universally and will provide tools that can be used by all member countries.

    To finish I would like to thank all the Board members for their diligence and hard work to get our plans in place. A very special and big thank you goes to Mary-Ann Sørensen, from Denmark who is not able to continue as a Director after nine years service. We wish her well and thank her for her most significant contribution to international dietetics.

    Sandra Capra
    Chair, Board of Directors