• Feature Article
    From the Chair of ICDA Board of Directors
    Vol. 16 Issue 1
    Happy new year to everyone. We hope that the year has started well for you all. In my last message in the previous newsletter, I was remiss in acknowledging the Directors and the National Dietetic Associations who have been renominated for the next four years to serve you all. At that time I only acknowledged those associations who completed their terms and did not renominate and those associations who were newly represented.

    I would now like to acknowledge, thank and welcome the incoming Directors from those associations who continued. Firstly a very big thank you to Ron Moen from the American Dietetic Association, who completed his term. Ron joined the Board in 2001 and has served diligently since that time. We thank him for his grace and humour, for his service and wish him well in the future. The ADA continues to support ICDA and their new Director, Karen Lechowich, we welcome to the Board. Secondly a very big thank you to those Directors who were renominated and are continuing; Marsha Sharp from Dietitians of Canada, Carole Middleton from the British Dietetic Association, Mary-Ann Sørenson from the Danish Diet and Nutrition Association and myself from the Dietitians Association of Australia. Together there are many years of experience with ICDA and we look forward to a busy few years.

    The Board will be meeting in April to set the agenda for the next four years. The newsletter will keep you updated on our plans to bring our mission to life.

    Sandra Capra
    Chair, Board of Directors